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Relative Renovations is a DIY, home renovation and lifestyle blog written and edited by both Rochelle Balkwell and Ashley Crites (referred to as Rocky and Ashley herein). We are two avid ”Do It Yourself” (DIY)ers who enjoy a range of projects, from a simple craft or cooking a meal down to a complete home renovation. However, Rocky and Ashley are not professionals and suggest that all readers use their due diligence when deciding to embark on a DIY project or any project listed on this site. We are not responsible for any possible injury or harm sustained by anyone while attempting to complete one of our projects, nor are we responsible for the final outcome of any project. As with any tutorial, we expect our readers to exercise appropriate and reasonable safety precautions while performing any and all projects mentioned on our blog.


Rocky and Ashley have taken all of the original pictures for this website, therefore they reserve the right to edit, remove or change any of them with prior notice. Where pictures not taken by Rocky or Ashley have been used, a proper link and credit to the original source has been provided. All sourced photos are believed to be readily available on public domain (published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U.S. Code).

We created Relative Renovations with the hope of sharing our passion for design with a larger community. Comments and contrary opinions regarding what we share is welcome on our website. However, all offensive comments targeted at a specific group of people or the use of vulgar language is subject to being removed immediately.

We are happy to share our images with you provided you link back to our website and properly credit the photo to Relative Renovations. Text duplication is prohibited.

Relative Renovations is a for profit blog. Our website contains paid banner advertisements. We also make use of affiliate links for products we use throughout our houses and in relevant projects. We receive a small commission from affiliate links, but this process does not cost you anymore to buy the item. These are just a few of the many ways bloggers make an income to maintain their websites and continue producing content.


No one likes their information being broadcast out there so Relative Renovations does not sell or distribute any of your contact information to outside sources. For giveaway’s we will need to provide the vendor with your point of contact in order to ship you your winnings. Our third party advertisers (banners on the website) also use cookies or web beacons to collect data regarding your IP address, ISP address and the websites you frequent so that they can tailor future advertisements to your interests. You can choose to disable the cookies in your browser settings.