First House

lieb st front

This was our first home in Columbus, Ohio. It was a mess, and we completely gutted it. It was 5 years of hard work!! Check out this post to see some epic before and afters!

You entered to a foyer with high ceilings and a large chandelier.

Now lets go down…

view into lr
We opened it all up for an open concept. The living room had a dark wood feature wall and a little nook we used as an office space.

lieb interior 3

bar view

dishwasherThe kitchen evolved for a long time. This was the final product when we sold, which was 100 year old lath on the lowers. We salvaged it from a job and cleaned it up. The old lath had a red tint to it so we whitewashed and then stained it dark. It had a really cool texture and warmed up the space a lot.

Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and a bathroom…..
frankies room

yorks room

upatirs bath


This was a really special house for us because we did all the work ourselves in our spare time. We paid for it all cash and had no debt! We did our best to keep the homes original character while still making it current.

This house got us very prepared for our next big project, our current home!