Spring 2020- Week 6 ORC Schoolhouse Shed

Spring 2020- Week 6 ORC Schoolhouse Shed

Week 5 and 6 of the ORC

I can’t believe we are rounding the corner of the ORC and I only have 2 weeks left to finish my shed project. Realistically I only have 1.5 weeks if you consider that I am writing this a few hours shy of the Sunday deadline.

For those of you just jumping onboard, please check out my big plans to convert a storage shed in my yard into a functional office and Schoolhouse shed. I discussed the major plans in our Week 1 post. As a little refresh, here is the moodboard I put together for the shared space my kids and I will be working in.

She Shed, Schoolhouse Shed Transformation

If I’m being honest the past few weeks have been a bit of a stand still in the progress department. The world has been so hectic the past few months that I have had to take a few pauses to really sit and process everything going on. As a family we were horrified by the events surrounding George Floyd’s heartbreaking death. It is deeply saddening to learn that so many Black people live in fear while going about their everyday. It was also embarrassing to realize how naive I had been to it all.

When the ORC announced that they were canceling Week 5 I also took that as a pause to read, talk and learn. I have many other thoughts surrounding what is going on, but for today I am going to stick to updating you on my shed plans.

There was another major curve ball that hit us last week. For some inexplicable reason the entire power to the shed went out. I had the terrifying “ALL IS LOST” moment until my husband reassured me that he could put his electrical engineering skills to the test and figure out what was causing the power outage. I patiently waited 4 days for him to have enough free time to assess the problem, apparently one of the receptacles had a wiring issue that was knocked a bit loose. It was a quick fix and the lights were back on. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when that happened.

So long story short I don’t have a ton to update you on this week and I didn’t take any great pictures.

  • I built a 6′ tall x8″ wide by 15″ deep rolling cart to house art supplies on the side of the BESTA unit.
  • I organized all my supplies – which took hours but felt amazing – until I spilled Modge Podge on the floor…

To-Do List

It definitely feels like it is crunch time. If I am going to get the space complete I need a comprehensive list of things that have to get done. Without further ado here is my list:

  • Sand Besta Fronts
  • Prime Besta Fronts
  • Project mural
  • Paint Mural
  • Sand Rolling Cart
  • Paint Rolling Cart
  • Finish Desk Besta Install
  • Build Floating wood shelf above computer
  • Wall Mount monitor
  • Create Rocky Computer Backsplash
  • Order desk chairs
  • Create some unique art supply holders
  • Install plexi Glass Door Fronts
  • Prime Shed
  • Paint Shed
  • Paint pots to match Shed
  • Hang succulent Planters

Realistically this is probably 3-4 weeks worth of work with my current workload and schedule…Let’s see if I can get it done friends! See you next week for a Week 7 update!

If you want to check out some other great participants check out the others over at the OneRoomChallenge blog. A lot of people are also participating just through Instagram, so look out for this symbol.

2020 Spring ORC – Week 3 Schoolhouse Shed

Hi friends! If you are just jumping on, check out my Week 1 and Week 2 update as I transform our outdoor storage shed into an office and schoolhouse. This is all part of my favorite One Room Challenge competition that happens twice a year. Make sure to check out some of the amazing projects that are going on across the country here.

When we left off last week I shared that we managed to finish electrical, drywall and vinyl flooring just on time for homeschool to start. We were off and running – but it quickly became clear I needed to spend some serious time organizing the space.

The kids and I were on top of each other, constantly bumping into the boxes to right. The night before school was about to start back I had rushed to put everything back in the shed before a light drizzle ruined everything. This resulted in my throwing the contents back into the shed without organizing. In reality I couldn’t start really putting things away until my IKEA Besta delivery showed up. So nothing major was going to happen until all that showed up.

Once my ikea delivery arrived I started slowly assembling the besta units one by one. Unfortunately it meant clearing out the shed again…at least this time there was no threat of rain clouds.

By the end of a long week of install I had made huge progress with purging and organizing. Don’t let anyone fool you, this process takes a long time to do it right. I also realized I needed more shelves for the BESTA units and purchased some KUGGIS storage containers that fit perfectly into the unit.

Week 3 definitely was not glamourus, but it felt like a huge step in the right direction. If you are interested in the plan for this Schoolhouse shed check out Week 1 plans.


2020 Spring ORC – Week 2 -Schoolhouse Shed

2020 Spring ORC – Week 2 -Schoolhouse Shed

Hello again friends! If you are jumping on for the first time please check out Week 1 where I outline all my hopes and dreams for this Schoolhouse Shed in my backyard. I am participating in the OneRoomChallenge again and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for this ugly outdoor storage space.

After I made the decision to change this shed into a glorified workspace/office we had to tackle a few major infrastructure items. Namely drywall, Insulation and Electrical.

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