Schoolhouse She Shed ORC Reveal

Schoolhouse She Shed ORC Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share my Schoolhouse She Shed Reveal with all of you. What a relief to be done, its been an exhausting 9 weeks. Who am I kidding, I’ve been working on this shed project off and on since February and I am so ready to be finished. If you recall from my Week 1 and Week 2 post I had big plans to turn a storage shed in our backyard into a functioning office, storage and schoolhouse.

Here is a quick reminder of the before situation:

The interior was a complete disaster of items that needed purging, organizing and a home.

Now that you have had a reminder of the scary state of the storage shed I will happily show you the results of weeks of blood, sweat and tears (and a sprained index finger).

Schoolhouse Shed Shed Exterior After Photos

If you remember from my first few posts I discussed wanting to paint the shed black, add a deck and freshen up the space.

Exterior Schoolhouse She Shed
Schoolhouse She Shed
Exterior Shed Succulents

I’m happy to report that I was able to paint the shed black, add plexiglass to the previous solid shed doors and get a deck started. The deck is happening but not 100% complete…This is real life people!

Exterior of Schoolhouse She Shed.

Naturally I threw down a few IPE boards to give you the feel of what it will be like 100% complete.

Heading into the shed you can see the drastically different interior.

Schoolhouse She Shed Interior After Photos

Happily I was able to complete everything I had hoped for the interior space. The kids and I all have a dedicated desk space. We have concealed storage for all of our crafting and office supplies. Here is a reminder of my original layout and mood board plans:

School House She Shed Moodboard

I used up all of my left over sample paints from the Colleen Elizabeth and Vintage Revivals wall mural I painted for my ORC Master Bedroom a few years ago. It adds so much depth to the space – instead of just staring at a plain besta unit we now enjoy a beautiful piece of art. You can see it takes center stage as you enter the She Shed.

School House She Shed
School House She Shed wall mural.

Next up is the kids side. Its the perfect amount of space for them both to stretch out and work on their own projects. With time I hope that board will be covered in their artwork!

School House She Shed kids custom desk

Now for a look at my side of the She Shed.

School House She Shed Adult desk and custom backsplash
School House She Shed Adult desk and custom backsplash

By far my favorite part of this whole project was creating a custom backsplash behind my computer monitor. (Side note – that is definitely me being reflected in the computer monitor screen :P- Oops)

I had imagined creating something like this for years, but never had taken the time to make 600+ cuts with my saw and hand paint/stain each piece of 2×4. I love the look so much I can’t even tell you. Here is an up close of the “tiles”.

Did you notice that thin piece of wood to the right of the Besta? I built a really cool rolling cart out of scrap plywood for our art supply stash. Now the kids and I can just pull it out and grab out whatever supplies we need for any project we are working on.

I took a little time to “decant” all of our pens, markers and art supplies. I’m hoping now that they are more accessible we will use them for some new projects 🙂

Speaking of organization I have to show off what is going on in the Besta units.

While I acknowledge I won’t be changing my career to a home organizer anytime soon, at least know where everything is at. My new favorite past time is using my label maker to label all the things!

Schoolhouse She Shed Reveal

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Schoolhouse She Shed renovation. This OneRoomChallenge was by far the most challenging one I have ever done. Between COVID, work, school and everything else happening in the world it was hard to stay 100% on track and focused. I even missed my Week 7 post write up. I hope you forgive me, I’ll definitely make up for it by writing some great tutorials in the coming weeks.

It was also an extremely labor intensive project which demanded a lot of time. I built so many things from scratch. It really forced me to flex my creative muscle and think of ways to use up all the materials I had laying around the house. The only new things I bought for the shed were the multiple Bestas from Ikea and flooring. Otherwise I used up leftover light fixtures, furniture and so so much plywood.

Make sure you check out all of the great reveals over at the OneRoomChallenge blog. Now that I am finished I can’t wait to spend the day browsing all of the 200+ rooms people completed this round. Let me know what you think and if you have any favorites!

Until next time friends!


2020 Spring ORC – Week 4 Schoolhouse Shed

2020 Spring ORC – Week 4 Schoolhouse Shed

Hello Friends! If you are just checking in we are already in Week 4 of the OneRoomChallenge for my Schoolhouse She Shed. I’m so thankful they have extended our deadlines and made it a longer challenge this time around. First off because trying to do it all while homeschooling, working and keeping our life generally stable is proving to be challenging. Secondly I am finding items I need are harder to find and shipping a lot later than originally advertised. I’m looking at you plexiglass sheets! Third – and most important- We rescued this adorable 5 week old furr ball!

Spring 2020 ORC – Week 1-The Schoolhouse and She Shed

Spring 2020 ORC – Week 1-The Schoolhouse and She Shed

If you have been following along for any amount of time you know how both Ashley and I feel about participating in The One Room Challenge, a bi-annual event occurring in the Spring and Fall each year hosted by Better Homes and Gardens and the great people at the ORC. When you see this logo you know what time it is!

I can’t think of a better way to get to know other like minded people in the design world. It is fun and motivating as you cheer each other along to the finish line of an entire room transformation. You can find the featured participants here and the guest participants here.

I enjoy the spirit of the competition so much that I am starting to loose count of how many I have completed. The very first project was in my rental house dining room, which coincidentally I am using the same light fixture in this Spring’s project. The next fall both Ashley and I worked on our dueling Master Bedroom projects. The leftover mural paint from that project is going to play a big part in my shed this round. I had to take the next round off since we moved into our new house and had so much going on. However Ashley more than made up for it with an epic kitchen remodel. Then I came back last fall with a Dining room part duex for my new house.

The Plan this Spring

You are probably thinking “Enough is Enough, tell us what you are working on this round Rocky!” Well I am happy to reveal that we are transforming our outdoor storage shed into a functional She Shed Office, School Room and Storage space. There are a lot of reasons why…but let me start with a bit of background and before photos.

When we bought our house last year we loved a lot about it, however we were a bit concerned that 1250 SF would be a tight fit for all of us. When the previous owner left a locking storage shed on site I knew that I would eventually transform that space into a craft studio/office. Here is the current view:

As You would expect, the shed has been used solely as a storage space for the past year. It is a dull pale yellow color and lacks any form of character. When I told my husband my grand plans for the shed he kind of laughed and hoped I was joking…

Shed Interior Before

I don’t even know where to start…Basically once we moved in the overflow of our life ended up here. A huge part of this project is organizing all of these items, finding a designated spot and hopefully making all our craft/art/office supplies more accessible for the family. It is not glamourous, but necessary for a functional space.

Here is a nice overall view of the shed interior in case you weren’t scared yet 😛

She Shed Transformation.

The view outside of our shed is of these beautiful trees and more recently our hot tub addition:

The COVID-19 Curve Ball

Up until February my plan was to finish off this space mainly for myself. I thought having a little “She Shed” in the backyard where I could paint, craft, work and basically just be alone would be amazing. Then on March 19th California issues the stay at home order and we all became homeschool parents while working from home.

The first week played out a lot like it did for most families trying to juggle it all. We were all crammed around our dinner table, bumping elbows (we have a lefty in the house), complaining about the new setup, cleaning EVERYTHING up for meals and snacks on a 2 hour rotation, spilling water on a laptop and an Ipad…you get the idea. It was chaos over here. I imagine you can relate to “COVID lifestyle” adjustment period.

This was the moment I decided to pivot, this extra space just outside our back door would be the perfect “getaway” for our professional work calls, school zoom calls or if someone needed a bit of time to focus. Since my kids are 7 and 4 they both need a fair amount of oversight while they work. I often spend my work day in front of the computer…so our space had to tackle a lot of different needs simultaneously.

Beyond all that I still needed to have storage for all of our overflow supplies. I grabbed my tape measure, pulled some dimensions and went to work in AutoCAD laying out the space. I probably tried 15 different configurations before I settled on this layout/idea.

Schoolhouse Shed Moodboard

Since January we have been slowly working on the infrastructure of the Shed. When we hired out drywallers in February to work on out garage project we also had them drywall and insulate the shed. My husband ran electrical at that time so we could have interior lights and duplex plugs. We also plan on painting and installing wood look alike vinyl floors. Once that is done the fun stuff can start:

  • 1. The entire back wall will be covered in the Ikea BESTA storage unit. I bought 3 towers and they fit perfectly with little gaps on the sides.
  • 2. I am going to re paint the beautiful mural by Colleen Elizabeth Art that was made into a DIY by Mandi at Vintage Revivals. The samples I originally bought are about to go bad and I miss that mural in my rental office nook so MUCH.
  • 3 and 6. Each kid will get their own Ikea Skadis peg board above their desk area.
  • 4. I am going to build them a DIY desk out of plywood. Stay tuned for that one!
  • 5. This is going to be another DIY where I create a fold down desk extension. I’m making this from scratch, fingers crossed it works out!
  • 7. Another Ikea Besta for kids stuff and supporting their desk.
  • 8. A stainless steel and Travertine desk I built with my dad almost ten years ago. This table is super sentimental to me and the perfect amount of space. We used it as a dinner table for years. You can see it covered in junk in the before photos above.
  • 9. More Besta units.
  • 10. Wall mounted computer monitor.
  • 11. Some kind of DIY bookshelf- Stay Tuned.

As I mentioned above, a big part of this project is sorting, purging and organizing the art supplies and tools we have in here. I’m using these images from pinterest to help motivate me to tackle that overwhelming task. The paint and marker organization inspo can be found here and here.

Doesn’t every DIYer and artist dream that all of their supplies are this accessible:

Shed Exterior Plans

As of right now my plan is to paint the exterior black and dress up the shed a little bit. We are thinking about trying to deck around the shed, but that is a big question mark right now. In the meantime check out this inspiration from Nesting with Grace:

No matter what happens the shed will be ten times prettier than it currently is!

The goal of this ORC

Unlike other ORCs I have participated in, this space has to remain completely functional while I work on it. The kids and I are out there every day during the week – So we need to time our projects around school and work.

I’m also trying to use up any and all materials I have on hand. As much as I would love to spend a lot of money really making this shed shine it is not realistic with the current state of the world and my budget. A lot of items are weeks and weeks out for delivery making it a lot easier to grab a piece of plywood from Home Depot and DIY some cool stuff. Plus I want to avoid being out in public as much as possible right now.

I put in one big order to IKEA for the BESTA units the week after the world shut down. Luckily those have been delivered and I’ve already started installing them. I went to place another order yesterday and it is a 5-6 week delivery window….GASP….So it sounds like I need to really make due with what I have.

I also feel like COVID has created a much needed mental shift when it comes to how and what we spend and use. A lot of us are having difficult financial stressors right now and spending a lot of money on decorative items just isn’t as fun. As I go through all these storage boxes I am constantly surprised at what I find and what I can’t wait to re-use in my house. So in the spirit of that I want to use what I have and be conscientious about where I spend my budget.

In conclusion I just want to say Thank You for following along again. I hope this Schoolhouse She shed transformation will inspire you to DIY a thing or two! If you are on Instagram please jump over and follow along @RelativeRenovations as I usually update what I am doing in my stories.

Talk Soon – Rocky

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