Summer Dreaming Moodboard

Summer Dreaming Moodboard

I had some big plans today. I was going to go to Ikea and spend gift card that a lovely family member gave me. I was going to stroll the mall aimlessly for a while.

None of that happened. I woke up to 6 inches of snow and a house full of kids with a day off.

I better make the best of it!

As I stared out at all of this snow, I couldn’t help but dream of the coming months of being outside. I realized now is the time to start thinking about my side patio project and make some decisions. That way when it warms up I will be ready to go.

If you read that post from the fall, you know that I was hoping to do some sort of stencil on my concrete slabs. What do you think of these?




After much back and forth, I am confident in a stencil that will give me the cement tile “look” without the maintenance or commitment of real tile. Phew, big decision made!

I also know I want a pizza oven. Also a fire feature or fireplace, of some sort. Some people in my home are in disagreement of two fire features, but I say one is a oven. One is a fireplace. There is no way I am looking into a pizza oven to relax and there is also no way I am living one more day without wood fired pizza. Two it is.

So with these few decisions in mind, I started throwing together moodboards. I am usually doing this for clients, but today it is all about me!

Option 1:


What I love about this first board is the clever use of a privacy wall. I had it in my mind that it needed to be a substantial permanent wall to provide privacy. But this would be a much cheaper option and would allow me to change out fabrics or colors when I wanted to. Love that versatility! I also love this cement tile and the simple furnishings. They are all great options for our wet summers.


Option 2:


What I love about this board is the cement tile, again. This one, as opposed to the last option, is more white. White appeals to my eye more, but a dominantly black stencil will age better. Hmm. Something to consider.

I also love the idea of a green fence for privacy with the Italian Cypress. It blends so well with this light colored sofa from Serena and Lily. The contrast of the black umbrella and egg chair is to die for. I always love a good black, white and green combo! Could be a winner!

What do you think?

I am seriously looking forward to sitting outside in this space!





The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard

The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? Have you ever been mesmerized by all of the mid century modern beauties scattered all over the town?

If not, you need to go.

Our most recent client had asked for our help in designing a mid century boho gem in his grandmothers former home. He spends a lot of time there, but also sees the potential in the short term rental that this home could provide him. Continue reading “The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard”

The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

Our most recent client came to us for a moodboard for their bathroom. They weren’t sure exactly what style they wanted but they had a few factors that played into the overall feel they wanted for the space. Their home is nestled in the mountains in an adorable community here in Socal. It definitely has a cabin feel with warm honey toned paneling throughout. The paneling was a labor of love installed by our client and his family, therefore it was important to keep the cabin feel flowing from this main room into the bathroom.

Continue reading “The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard”