The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

Our most recent client came to us for a moodboard for their bathroom. They weren’t sure exactly what style they wanted but they had a few factors that played into the overall feel they wanted for the space. Their home is nestled in the mountains in an adorable community here in Socal. It definitely has a cabin feel with warm honey toned paneling throughout. The paneling was a labor of love installed by our client and his family, therefore it was important to keep the cabin feel flowing from this main room into the bathroom.

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The Struggle for Authenticity

The Struggle for Authenticity

My kids have both been sick through this recent winter break. Many hours have been spent with feverish babes laying all over me watching the latest pixar sensation on repeat. I admit…it isn’t the best case scenario, but when they are sick I do what I can to keep them calm and resting. With sick kid in lap I have ended up spending more time that I would like diving into the rabbit hole known as Instagram and pinning away…obsessing over what amazing projects I am going to embark on next.

This has been a re-occurring theme in my life since these social media outlets started the era of the perfect “pinterest” home…Or should I say effortlessly casual home that actually takes a lot of effort to achieve! It left me feeling kind of desperate to change everything. So there I went, listing half of my furniture on craigslist and Offerup. Followed by me spending hours browsing online for the next pieces of furniture I was going to buy… or make… when I find an extra forty hours in my week. All of this ultimately made me feel frustrated and incapable of moving forward.

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Reminiscing: The Best and Worst of Craigslist

If any of you know me you know I have a serious problem with decor. I cannot keep anything for any extended period of time. I will wake up in the morning feeling this deep urgency to purge everything in my house.

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The Side Patio Project

The Side Patio Project

Off to one side of my house is a two level patio. It has unfortunately been a neglected area of our home, only because we don’t have to exit that way so somehow it gets lost in the cleaning and maintenance routines. It has about 10 pines that surround it and is a bit of a maintenance nightmare- pine needle galore!

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Why 16% Matters – Q&A

Getting to know Ashley and Rocky of Relative Renovations.

A&R hanging out in San Clemente, being attacked by throw pillows ;P

Since you live across the United States, how do you know each other?

R: We happen to be first cousins, Who share 16% DNA. If you are wondering why on earth we know that, it is because our aunt is a genetic genealogist who has researched our whole family and told us this is a high level of shared DNA for cousins. So naturally we assume that this is why we both love design so much. Whenever we do the same thing or realize we are using the same product we just say, “16%”…it’s like our version of “jinx”.

A: Our mothers are sisters. They are both natural designers and entertainers who have a similar sense of style. Due to my mom’s creativity our house was always changing growing up. So not having a constantly evolving home is a strange concept for me.

R: Same here.

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Parade of Homes 2017!

Parade of Homes 2017!

On Sunday my mom and I had tickets to go to the BIA Parade of Homes in Columbus. We really have a lot of fun going to these the past few years. I get so many ideas and you get a glimpse of what is current and trending in designs for home building.

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