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My name is Ashley. I am a wife, mother and dreamer of the next project. My husband and I love renovating and creating something from nothing. He has worked in his family’s construction business since he was 16. I have loved interior design since I was a child. He enables my passion for design on a daily basis.

Together we have 3 children that have opened up a whole new world of decor and creativity. As a family we let our imaginations go crazy and see what happens.

I love the challenge of designing on a budget. It is easy making something look good with endless amounts of money, but doing it with little to nothing is so much more impressive.  Some of my best projects have had the smallest budgets.

Now that you met my awesome cousin, I need to introduce myself. I am Rocky.

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In addition to being a wife and mother I also work as an engineer. Ashley and I have always shared a love of design and all things related to DIY. Those shared interests have kept us close despite being physically located states apart.

For the last ten years I have used most of my free time to learn about interior design, wood working, welding and other skills that have served me well through three house renovations. I love designing, building furniture and transforming the worst houses into beautiful spaces.

We can’t wait to share our renovation adventures with you and see where the next project will take us!