2020 Spring ORC – Week 4 Schoolhouse Shed

Hello Friends! If you are just checking in we are already in Week 4 of the OneRoomChallenge for my Schoolhouse She Shed. I’m so thankful they have extended our deadlines and made it a longer challenge this time around. First off because trying to do it all while homeschooling, working and keeping our life generally stable is proving to be challenging. Secondly I am finding items I need are harder to find and shipping a lot later than originally advertised. I’m looking at you plexiglass sheets! Third – and most important- We rescued this adorable 5 week old furr ball!

One thought on “2020 Spring ORC – Week 4 Schoolhouse Shed

  1. I’m hoping you can help. I found you on Pinterest for a pattern painted on a concrete porch. Click and it brings me to this post. Did you paint the porch? Do you have a post on it? I’m interested in the pattern for myself. Thanks.

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