2020 Spring ORC – Week 2 -Schoolhouse Shed

Due to our busy work schedules we decided to hire out insulation and drywall. It helped that we were also having our garage drywalled by professionals and it made sense to combine the two spaces. In order to get the space ready for the drywall team we had to empty the shed – AGAIN.

I feel like clearing out storage spaces is always a painful process. Since we were in the middle of the garage project it was like double the mess in our front and backyard. Most of these boxes sat outside under a tarp for a few weeks while we tried to finish up the garage and complete the drywall and paint within the shed.

My husband worked one long weekend running electrical to the shed and making sure we had an overhead light and receptacles. It took the drywall team about a week to finish the space and then my sister volunteered to help us paint the shed, which I naturally said yes to. When family and friends offer to help with renovations, always say YES!

We used leftover Benjamin Moore Interior House Paint- Simply White in Satin finish. The shed immediately felt bigger and brighter. It is amazing the difference paint can make.

Right around this photo we found out that COVID was causing shutdowns and a big one was looming in California. We didn’t know what stores would be closed and we knew some type of homeschool was coming. That night my husband and I ran to Lowe’s and bought an in stock vinyl floor so we could get the shed ready before spring break ended and school was starting.

We worked together on a Saturday afternoon and placed these vinyl floors in a few hours. We have installed a ton of different floors, so this was a fast process and we actually enjoyed working together to keep our mind off all the other stuff happening in the world.

This all led us up to the first day of homeschool. There was still a lot that needed to happen in the shed, but we were feeling pretty good about having a functioning room. I needed to organize badly and get those Besta storage units installed.

So that is where we landed with the Week 2 update! Infrastructure is never glamourous work, but it has to get done before you can start with the pretty finishes.

Check out what everyone else has been up to during Week 2 over at the oneroomchallenge.

I hope you are all hanging in there during the COVID shutdowns. Only a few weeks left of distance learning for us! Bring on the summer 🙂

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