DIY or Buy Tailored Pleat Curtains

Last week I finished a set of tailored pleat curtains. It was a challenge to say the least, but the final product gave me a look that I love! Would I DIY again or just buy them the next go around? Continue reading to see my honest review in this “DIY or Buy- tailored pleat curtains”.

So if you didn’t read this post, check it out here: DIY Tailored Pleat Curtains. It all came from a love of custom curtains but a non existent budget for them. I scored an amazing deal on long, wide linen panels and figured I should take a chance on a DIY.

Example of tailored pleat curtains by Amber Interiors

I have never been up close and personal with tailored pleats before so I wasn’t 100% confident on how they were structured. I did my best, after some trial and error, and I think it turned out pretty good.

But… this was a hard DIY! Trying to figure out just what to do and do it consistently was tricky. I couldn’t find a tutorial that worked for my circumstances. To be completely honest, the first panel took a solid hour and a half to do. That was once I had a game plan! The second panel went much quicker, about 35 minutes.

If I was more confident in my curtain making skills, I would have hemmed the curtain to the correct length then started fresh with pleat tape rather than trying to use what was already on the panel. But at the time that would have ended up being a project I never had the nerve to begin.

What were the positives of this DIY?

For one thing, the supplies from Ikea totaled about $7 per panel! That is serious savings from a custom made panel. Here is what I bought:

Ikea Riktig curtain hook

Ikea Syrlig ring pack

Thats it! And I only used half of the pack of curtain hooks.

So, what’s the verdict? DIY or Buy?

This is a bit complicated. To be super honest, if I had the money, I would buy these custom made. It would be a tremendous cost as my ceilings are high, windows are large, and there are just a ton of them in our open space!

I do think this DIY is really doable if you can sew a simple stitch and have $7 laying around. So as much as I love the idea of buying, I have full intentions of making these for the rest of my windows in the dining, kitchen and living room.

So yes, I would, and plan on doing this DIY again.

Give it a try if you have some panels that you want to customize!