Whats New In The Etsy Shop This Month

I am really excited about all the new fabrics I have to work with this month! I always love a good velvet, and I was able to find a ton of fabulous options at my local fabric supplier. We also have some of our regulars, such as vintage African Moshi, vintage indigo and linens. Let me show you what is new in the Etsy shop this month!

First off, I still had pieces to work with from the large vintage African Moshi that Rocky picked up at the flea market the last time she went. It is such textural, yet simple fabric. And because its vintage, that means it is one of a kind! No one else will have the same pillow!

I also have some really vibrant indigo pillows and runners in the shop as of today. I love how bright and happy this fabric is. It adds a lot on dull winter days.

if you are looking for a deep, greenish-blue velvet, look no further. I paired this with a black duck and brass zipper.

My last trip to one of my favorite fabric shops resulted in a a truck load of velvets and textural fabrics. Here are just a few:

I snagged some perfectly simple and sophisticated linens. I love the natural linen, which isn’t a surprise. Who doesn’t love a perfect linen?? I am also digging this golden linen as well. It has such nice tone and pairs so well with a lot of what we have in the shop right now.

As I mentioned at the start, it was a velvet extravaganza for me last week. I had been looking for some nice deep brown and burgundy tones to add to the shop. I found these bolts:

I also found a stunning greyish green velvet. I may not be able to sell these pillows once they are sewn up! Here it is paired with the new linen bolt:

So here is my velvet in stock right now. I have already made some variety of pillows with it but I also have a lot to work with for custom orders. So if you have something in mind, message me on Etsy.

From left to right: greenish grey, blueish green, burgundy, Rust, and golden velvet.

Some items are already in the shop and others will be arriving as they are made. So keep checking in and see what’s new in the Etsy shop!

As a special treat for all who made it through this entire post, for the month of February, with the code “newstock” you can receive 15% off your entire order and as always, shipping is free!

Now I am off to sewing 🙂


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