Best Clean Eating Recipes

It is not unusual at this time of year to be bombarded with ideas on how to save money, get fit, or eat better. So much of the time it is a way for someone to promote their products or make you buy something. But every once in a while it ends up being truly beneficial to your family. So with that said, here is a round up our favorite clean eating recipes that we found this past year.

First up, Paleo Running Momma’s Whole30 and Paleo friendly white chicken chili sweet potato soup. This is such a good soup! When I was doing Whole30, there were times I wanted a cheesy, creamy soup so badly. Especially on cold winter nights! This one adds nutritional yeast and coconut cream at the end and what you get is really delicious and definitely satisfies a cheesy craving!

Your starting ingredients, plus 1.5lbs of chicken breast (not pictured)
Toss it all in the crock pot and walk away!

The final ingredients you add the last 20 minutes.

This is one of Rocky’s families favorites. Downshiftology’s Paleo Broccoli chicken mushroom casserole. This is another Whole30 recipe that is creamy and cheesy. But you once again won’t find any cream or cheese! Chicken, mushrooms and broccoli mixed with a vegan Alfredo sauce is sort of a no brainer as a family pleaser!

If you want a delicious vegetarian option this Quinoa stuffed butternut squash from well plated is a huge hit in in both of our homes. It is full of nutritious ingredients like kale, chickpeas and cranberries with a splash of orange zest. This is a perfect recipe for fall, or anytime of the year you feel like a fall food craving is coming on! Which for me is all the time! 🙂

So please use the links we provided and try these clean eating recipes! You won’t be disappointed!

Ashley and Rocky