Ashley’s Year In Review And 2020 Plans

What a year this has been. We took on some major projects that I wasn’t sure would ever really happen. So here it is, my 2019 year review and our plans for 2020!

So it has been almost one year exactly when we decided to take on the massive job of renovating our kitchen. To do the job correctly meant taking out walls and not skimping on the details. This is probably the most used and abused room in our home so it needed to be well done with quality materials.

Thankfully I have a live in carpenter. To be honest, without him doing all the work, I don’t think we could have ever afforded to remodel.

kitchen remodel cost

In case you missed it, here are the remodel blog posts:

Demo and plans for the kitchen

Reveal of the (almost) finished space

Our big cost saving tips from this Reno

We also did a really fun outdoor project- the Pizza Oven .

I also kept very busy with our pillow shop on Etsy! I love love love sewing! Creating something from a pile of fabric is so strangely fulfilling, to me at least! Thank you so much for everyone the supported our little shop this year!

So what is on my list for 2020? Here we go:

  • Lots of painting! So much of our home hasn’t been repainted since we moved in, so it is certainly time.
  • Finish any unfinished projects left over from the kitchen and dining room remodel.
  • Do built in shelving, cabinetry and small desk spot in the dining room.
  • Refreshing 2 kids rooms. (again)
  • Deep organization of our basement and getting it ready for finishing.
  • Finish basement. This is a big question mark. There is so much uncertainty with the basement and until it is properly organized we won’t know for sure what is possible down there. But at the very least, the laundry area needs to be a pleasant space, seeing as how I spend half my life down there.
  • Find a proper space for the growing Etsy business and our blog. Because my current office needs to be used as a kids room, a new designated office spot is a must. I hope for this to be a big sewing/craft/blogging area in the bright, large portion of the basement. If not, we will have to get creative!
  • Particapate in both the Spring and Fall ORC.

So here are my plans for this year. I am so curious to see what we actually get done and what surprise projects show their faces. As they always do!


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