Great Big Canvas Artwork

Last year was busy and productive! We completed a ton of projects including our kitchen remodel and an outdoor pizza oven. Just before the year ended we had the opportunity to work with Great Big Canvas. So one last spruce up before we close the year!

I have one long, dark wall just off our entryway. It doesn’t seem long until you try to hang artwork or decorate it in any way! I have had it designed in a million different ways since we moved in and none have really seemed right.

Great Big Canvas contacted us and offered some BIG artwork. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to really decorate this wall properly. So I was on the hunt for something big, minimal and bright.

Found it!

Then I began customizing it to my needs and the frame that suited the space best. I went with a black floating frame on a large scale print. This was to hang above the black family piano so it needed to work with it, but be versatile enough to go other places in the house if I move things around. (I’m laughing as I type “if”) So a modern black frame was the way to go for me.

So once they arrived I quickly got to playing with the wall decor. I settled on centering the piano and the Great Big Canvas artwork then adding in a faux olive tree and vintage surfboard.

What do you think?

We still have some tweaking to go as this purchase brought on other purchases such as a new sofa, rug and repainting the living room and foyer. Would you expect anything less???

I can’t wait for the room to come together.