DIY Wall Mounted Butcher Paper Roll

Hello my friends! I have recovered from the OneRoomChallenge and am coming back to you with a cool DIY that I created for my ORC dining room. Have you ever seen one of those cool wall mounted paper roll racks hanging in your favorite pinterest picture, like this one found here:

I would have loved to buy one and call it good, but I had buckets of craft supplies that needed using and a budget to stick to. So I thought about how I wanted to hang the paper roll and researched other on line DIY options. None of the tutorials I found fit the aesthetic I was going for, so in the end I decided I could create my own. I knew I wanted to use Oak dowels and leather straps to compliment my new dining room chairs (sneak peak below) and make it feel like the paper roll was part of a cohesive space.

Material List – DIY Wall mounted paper roll rack

Paper roll hanging on wall material list
  • 1. Heavy duty scissors to cut through leather belt. This could also be an exacto knife – just be really careful.
  • 2. Old leather belt that is long enough to create 2 loops. I grabbed mine for a few bucks at a thrift store.
  • 3. 18″ Butcher Paper Roll. I bought a few different options off amazon and felt like the roll offered by Rettle Co was the most substantial and had a large center hole for the 1″ dowel to fit through.
  • 4. 1x4x 24″ Red Oak from Lowe’s. This can be any type of wood, I just chose oak because I wanted to match the similar white oak on my dining room chairs.
  • 5. Cap Screws – the coolest invention ever – I bought these from Amazon here.
  • 6. 1 1/4″Copper Cap from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Also can be bought here.
  • 7. (4) – 5/16″ screws with Molly’s, you can buy here.
  • 8. 1″ Dia x 24″ long red oak dowel from Lowe’s. As with the 1×4 above, this can be any type of 1″ dia dowel.

Tools not shown for creating DIY wall mounted paper roll on wall.

If your local hardware store does not sell 24″ lengths of the dowels and 1×4’s, or if you want to adjust the width and dimensions, you may need a chop saw, skil saw or hand saw.

Step by Step – DIY Wall mounted paper roll rack

Step 1 – You can get really technical here, but I was lazy and on a time crunch…so I basically eyeballed the paper roll location and folded the belt over the 1″ wooden dowel to figure out the length that I wanted. In my case it was about 6″ of leather belt.

Wall Mounted paper roll rack leather  belt step.

Step 2 – I used my heavy duty scissors and cut the belt, I added a little fillet to the corners because I liked the finished look.

DIYWall mounted paper roll rack

Step 3 – So the next step Is where I folded the leather strap over, and marked where I wanted the cap screws to be located on the leather belt. In my case I spaced them 1.5″ apart.

Step 4 – I predrilled the first hole using a 3/16″ dia drill bit, making sure not drill all the way through the piece of oak behind the leather.

Step 5 – I installed the top cap screw by drilling it into the pilot hole I just created. Then I measured to the second hole below. I drew a line 1″ from the edge of the 1×4 to align the belt. By installing the top screw it made it easier for me to guarantee that the belt would be level.

Step 6 – Predrill for the second hole using the same 3/16″ bit.

Step 7 – I put both cap screws on to check if I liked how I looked and then removed everything from the 1×4.

Wall mounted paper roll rack leather and cap screw detail.

Step 8 – I wanted to strategically locate the anchors to the wall behind the belt strap so it would appear that the decorative cap screws were anchoring the roll into the wall. So I bought counter sink bits and pre drilled 2 holes, 1.5″ apart and staggered .5″ from the cap screw holes. This was an extra step to remove the cap screw hardware entirely – but it was worth it to me to hide these big wall anchors behind the belt strap.

Step 9 – I located the existing studs in my wall using this stud finder. Unfortunately one side of the butcher block would not hit a stud, so in that case I used 5/16″ screws with mollys that were rated for 50 lbs. Every condition is different, personally I always try to anchor one side of whatever I am hanging to a wall stud if possible. If that isn’t possible I like to use the 50 lbs rated wall screw and molly. In addition to measuring the top of the 1×4 location from the floor using a tape measure I also used my level (in my experience floors and walls are rarely perfectly level).

Step 10- Re-drilling the cap screws back into place following the existing pilot holes and anchoring the DIY butcher block hardware to the wall. Then I simply slid the 1″ wooden dowel and paper roll into place into the belt loop and BAM it was up!

Step 11 – I used a 1″x1/2″ piece of oak the same width as the oak piece supporting the DIY butcher block and anchored it 36″ below the upper piece. I placed a small washer behind the oak before I anchored it into the wall so that there was just enough space for the paper to slip through. You can see it in this picture:

Final step – draw or write whatever comes to mind. You can see I used it as a menu for our family dinner and my daughter came in later and added a picture of our dog. I love that she wanted to be creative and add her touch to our menu.

I have a goal in 2020 to draw a new picture here every week. I don’t want to spend a ton of time on it, but I am hoping that I can spend 30 minutes or so each week creating little piece of artwork. Check in our Instagram to see if I am keeping up with my plan!

I hope this DIY was helpful and inspired you to try something similar for yourself. If you have any questions please leave comments below and if you are curious about our OneRoomChallenge dining room makeover please jump over and take a look at the reveal post.

Bye for now! Rocky!

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