DIY Pizza Oven Update

So if you have been following along for long you know we started a DIY pizza oven last fall. I realized I never posted an update or showed our progress. So here it is!

If you remember from this post, we built it out of concrete block and poured concrete slabs. We lined the inside with fire brick. We designed it in a way that would obviously be an awesome pizza oven for parties but also be a fireplace if we just wanted a simple fire. The opening is long and wide and at eye level while sitting. I was a bit skeptical at first that this would truly fulfill my desire for a freestanding fireplace, but it has really worked well!

We also left a large opening at the bottom to allow for wood to be stacked. I wish I could show you a picture of it fully stocked, but we could never seem to keep it full. It was one pizza party after another this summer!

We skimmed the outside of the block to give it a stucco look. Our home is stucco and stone so it really made it feel like an original part of the house. We decided to add cedar horizontal slatting just high enough to hide the chimney.

This DIY pizza oven has become one of the highlights of the side patio project! It has been an excellent excuse for parties or just simply eating pizza. 🙂 We still have a couple finishing touches to make it completely done, like painting the “stucco”. But alas, we live in a cold climate and that window has closed until warmer temps come back. So until then, enjoy these bright and green summer pictures!

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