ORC Fall 2019 – Dining Room Part Deux

One Room Challenge Fall 2019

This post was supposed to be up and ready yesterday…then my dog came down with pneumonia (unfortunately that is a real thing) and threw a big wrench in my plans. I’m happy to report she seems better already and forcing 6 pills down her throat everyday is getting less and less precarious! I digress…so here I am frantically writing up my Week 1 post so I can reveal what project we are embarking on this round of the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge

If you are new to the DIY blog world and have never heard of the One Room Challenge, it is a six week event where participants choose one room to makeover in a 6 week period. There is a lot of camaraderie and excitement surrounding the entire event. Check out the featured participants (There are 20 each round) and all the guest participants here. These are some crazy talented people and their creativity is off the charts.

Last week I took to Instagram to discuss that I was debating between three main spaces in my house. The first and most daunting was the idea of tackling the storage shed out back and converting it into an amazing office/art studio. Next on the list was designing a dining nook in my new house using leftover items from my rental house dining room (which frankly seemed a little boring since I re-did a dining room for my first one room challenge). Third on the list was tackling my master bedroom, which felt even more blah since I did that for my last ORC. So I put it to a vote on Instagram…. and the people spoke…This round I am going to focus my energy on my new Dining Nook.

Dining Room Inspiration

When people started voting for the dining nook I was at first really surprised. I think part of my hesitation was the fear that everyone would be bored of another dining space. Which frankly is a stupid reason not to work on a room…but that is what happens sometimes in the head of a DIY blogger. The more I thought about the cool posibilities for the space the more I warmed to the idea of this being the room. Then I realized that finishing the dining space would probably be the greatest impact in our day to day life. Plus, with six weeks I could actually focus my attention on DIY-ing a few really cool and functional items for the space. It would also be a way more cost effective solution since I have already purchased the major furniture/DIY items. Courtesy of pinterest, here were some images that I had been recently loving the feel of.


Dining Room, Dining Nook Inspiration.

Or this from Studio McGee

Dining Room, Dining nook inspiration

I love the bright white walls, black windows and natural elements. We already have a marble tulip table – so that is why I was looking at inspiration using that type of table.

Our Current Dining Room

Our dining room has had a few iterations in the past five months…some more painful than others. When we first moved in we just threw the table here with any spare chair we could find. This resulted in a menagerie of chairs that were not suitable for my 3.5 year old and he kept knocking his head on the marble table as he tried to climb down. First Fail….


Dining Room, Dining Nook, Real Good Bludot chairs.

When we started working on our pantry room the steel shelves were moved into this space which resulted in a super cramped space plus visual eyesore. You are probably thinking…”and you questioned whether or not to do this space??????”

Dining Room, Dining Nook, Tulip Table

Fortunately we finished the custom pantry shelves a month ago and I was able to reclaim this back wall and get the wire shelves out of here.

The Plan

  1. Turn that beautiful blue banquette I built for my first ORC into a piece of furniture that fits our new space. This will involve cutting down the back so it doesn’t block the window, building a new upholstered back cushion, adding piano hinges to the seat cushions so their will be easy access to storage, painting the wood to match our baseboards and reupholstering the blue velvet with a neutral fabric that can stand up to my kids.
Banquette, DIY seating, Dining Room
  1. Build banquette into the wall/baseboards.
  2. Case out the windows and DIY linen Roman Shades kind of like these.
Roman Shade
Leather accent

3. Possibly paint a mural, create a large scale artwork or add wall paper to the accent wall behind the table.

4. Relocate and hang the new amazing light fixture. As you can see in the before pictures – there is currently an exposed junction box and not light fixture in this space.

5. Create a DIY butcher block roll.

6. Hang some art.

Its a small but mighty list and I have a feeling some of the tasks will be a little more time intensive than others ( looking at you #4). I already started the process and am compiling my list of items to share with you next week. Until then my friends!


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    1. Thanks so much! We have been wanting to attempt this style of Roman shade for awhile now, so it’s exciting it’s actually going to happen!

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