How To Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation

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For the One Room Challenge this Spring, we decided to take on our kitchen. It was in great need of a renovation. In pictures it didn’t look bad, but once you started using it you realized just how old it was. As usual though, I didn’t want to break the bank renovating. So here is how we saved money on a kitchen renovation.


First off, we went back and forth a lot on cabinetry. It wasn’t until we had received a million unimpressive samples that we decided to go with Ikea cabinets. I love the way their drawers can be organized. I wasn’t in love with their door fronts or the fact I had to build cabinets.

Then the annual Ikea kitchen sale began and it seemed like a sign! lol!

So as I built cabinetry over the course of two days I kept reminding myself of just how much money we saved buying Ikea. With the sale we came in at a grand total (for all cabinetry and accessories) at $1200. It was actually about $2,500 less than our other top contender. And those cabinets didn’t come with the awesome-ness of Ikea interiors. In fact they were just door front cabinets with open insides. Now I realize just how much that wouldn’t have worked for our daily lives.

After all is said and done, I am very happy we went with Ikea. I don’t feel like we have cheap or inferior cabinets. It also gave the kitchen a very cool modern edge that I don’t think would have happened had we chose our other options. If you want to see what those were, read that post here.


Another one of our biggest cost savings was our backsplash. I wanted a marble slab, but couldn’t bring myself to buy one. Then I found a verrrry nice Carrara porcelain tile at Floor and Decor. It is a large format, 24×48. I needed three pieces. Thankfully this particular tile had over 3 “prints”, so there would never be a repeat on the backsplash. In my opinion that would have made it obvious it wasn’t slab and take away from the expensive look I was going for.

Each of these pieces cost $20. So we are all in on backsplash for a whopping $60. Because it is a machine made porcelain, the edges match up perfectly and the seams are barely noticeable. Its kinda amazing! To get a thin cut slab of marble in the size we needed would have been at least $2,500 more.


When we moved in almost 6 years ago, we laid new slate flooring in the kitchen. It suited the homes era and I honestly just love it. It is a deep blue-grey and is so easy to keep clean. Once again Floor and Decor came in for the win! They still had the same tile on sale. So we were able to buy more and seamlessly lay it where we removed a wall and extend the floors. The cost for the new flooring was $200. We didn’t price out new flooring, but our new kitchen has a square footage of 240. So with some simple math and average floor prices, something at $4 a square foot would have cost around $960. That doesn’t include labor or underlayment of any sort. So I estimate it saved us over $1000 conservatively.


We modified our main wall to accommodate a 36 inch range. So I knew I was going to sell my 30 inch range we purchased 5 years ago. It was a very nice GE Cafe range and I was able to sell it on craigslist for $500. Every penny of that went towards my most amazing find of all time.

I had been hunting for a 36 inch range. I was determined to get the best deal possible. One Saturday afternoon I sat down with my phone and a 36 inch Superiore Technogas popped up. It was a store model with a dent on the side. It was marked down $4,000 with free shipping. Yes, I only paid $1,000 for a high end Italian gas range. It is a showpiece in the kitchen and goes to show patience and determination can go a long way.

The decision was made to keep our existing refrigerator and dishwasher we purchased when we moved in. They are both very nice Kitchenaid appliances that are in excellent condition and match. So why get rid of something that I would replace with almost the same thing? That saved us at least $2500 conservatively as well.


My husband has worked in his family owned construction business since he was 15. He can do almost any sort of construction, very well. So all the work was done strictly by us. It was hard and laborious, but saved us $10,000+ for the work we did.

Obviously not everyone has this skillset. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give projects you are comfortable with a try. Can you paint? That could save you thousands. What about assembling cabinets? Labor costs can be cut tremendously there. It is something that I believe everyone should consider. And you never know what you could accomplish if you give something new a try.

Shopping Sales and Local Auctions-

I have found some of my most favorite and unique pieces on sites like Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo, etc. Always check out those sites when you are looking for something. Regularly we have found “leftovers” from job sites, things people changed their minds on and can’t return and even free items for projects of ours.

I love to shop a local auction company. Ours has online auctions daily with local pickup the next day. Most of their items are returns from places like Amazon, Target and Home Depot. A quick google search could tell you if there are any local online auction sites near you.

Amazon’s “Used” section is a place I find great deals as well. I purchased things initally with hesitation, but in my experience, 99% of the time, I have received brand new items. I’m sure there are exceptions to that, but for example, I was able to buy my black quartz sink and black faucet for the kitchen for $150 total. Both came in sealed manufacturers boxes.

So always give it a look. You could save a ton!

These are just a few of the ways we saved big on our kitchen. I hope these money saving tips and tricks help you on your next project!


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