Best Outdoor Lighting and Decor

Now that summer is here and we are all spending more time outside, I thought I would put together some of my favorite things for our outdoor spaces. So here is a rundown of the best outdoor lighting and decor at affordable prices:

I will start now by saying that where I live, the seasons are harsh. Outdoor decor may only last a season, even when you do the best you can to protect it. So there are things I have to put a price cap on. This first item is one of those things:

I love these fairy lights! They are inexpensive (about $12-15) and create an etherial atmosphere. I have purchased a lot of outdoor lighting through the years and something always goes wrong with string lights. My last set rusted out after a few good rainstorms.

So when I started using these fairy lights, I was ecstatic about the price for such long lengths. They also last if you bring them in through the winter. even if something happens to them, your are only out $12. So for me, this is what I choose for outdoor lighting.

Another one of my must haves for our outdoor spaces is seating. We have very large families, on both sides. So when we have a party, it always ends up being huge. So we need ALOT of seating that is easily stored, sturdy, and will hold up in rain and heat. I think these chairs check all those boxes:

This set of 4 chairs are perfect chairs if you are in my situation. These plastic chairs can withstand wet environments and have a heavy weight load. So no one is going to make the plastic “squish” when they sit on it. You know, that terrible feeling when you sit on a plastic chair that obviously can’t hold your weight! Admit it, its happened!

These chairs are stackable and lightweight, so they are easily stored. The price is great too, a set of 4 for around $130.

Another one of our must haves for the patio is a small fire feature.

Although this isn’t our exact item, it has the same features. It is small and portable. It can sit comfortably on a dining table, side table or even the ground. It uses propane so you don’t have to deal with wood. Just click the button and it’s on. Amazing! This particular one is even cheaper than I paid, coming in at $39. I have to admit I will probably buy a couple more!

So here are just a few of the best outdoor lighting and decor must haves for us. What are some of your favorites? I always love to find game changers for our outdoor spaces.