Master Bath Renovation- Part 1

Hi Friends! I am happy to be sharing my current latest and greatest project with you, my Master Bathroom Renovation. Que the fireworks!!! My original intention was to renovate the bathroom as part of the 2019 Spring One Room Challenge. While my renovation definitely started during that period of time, I couldn’t keep up the schedule with everything else going on in our personal and design life. Between renovating a trailer for my sister to live in, packing a huge rental house and returning it to a blank slate I ran out of time to post regularly.

Let me go back in time and give you a little history.

We closed escrow on our new home a few months ago. The previous owners ended up needing an extended rent back which pushed our renovation schedule to the limit and only gave us a few short weeks to do a lot of projects. Initially I was working on a design based on a few dimensions I pulled during our inspection and a lot of hope that everything would come together. What is it they say about best laid plans? Well in this case they didn’t really work out.

I was sold on the idea of relocating the shower shown below to the clear other side of the bathroom and creating a private water closet. Then the bathtub shower combo would end up on the other side of the bathroom creating a nice symmetry. Here is my proposed master bathroom layout below:

Future bathroom Dream layout

We were full steam ahead with the plan until the fateful day that the previous owners were moving out and informed us that the house sat on a post tensioned slab…this was the sad moment when I knew my plans were ruined. Just to explain, when you are dealing with a post tensioned slab it is very difficult to relocate in ground plumbing without potentially compromising the structural integrity of the slab. After weeks of obsessing over the new layout it was a serious bummer to have to accept that the bathroom footprint was going to remain the same.

Why don’t I show you a few Before photos:

MBath-Before 2

From the other angle:MBath-Before 3.jpg

 As you can see, not the most attractive nor functional room. Now that I was committed to a layout it was time to select some great finishes to distract from the cave like feel of this space. Seriously, it was so dark and uninviting.

Number one, we wanted a double vanity. I happened to have scored a white vanity at Costco that was on clearance and amazing quality.

I paired that with a white marble top we had in storage. Now the trick was fitting it into the new space so we could have a vanity space similar to the moodboard we created below. The warmth of the brass bathroom fixtures complimented the wood accent wall while the white bathroom vanity and light colored bathroom tile kept the space fresh.

Number 2, we wanted a bathtub and shower combination. That probably sounds crazy to all the bath haters, but there is nothing I love more than a nice hot Epsom salt bath and this shower situation was not cutting it.

Number 3, was a gorgeous tile that would stand the test of time. I happened to stumble across this amazing 24″ square terrazzo tile at Ann Sacks and both my husband and I were in love! Imagine floor to ceiling bathroom tile in this space.

So that is where we left off with out original bathroom design. There were lot’s of twists and turns as the renovation progressed, but the end result is soooo good. If you stay tuned I have a fun master bathroom renovation reveal post planned for later in the week.

Glad to catch up again friends. Ashley and I have been discussing our posting schedule and are happy to let you know that we want to get on here weekly with some great content and updates on the projects we have been working on. We miss documenting and sharing all of our adventures. Let us know what you have been up to, any renovators out there in the middle of crazy projects?


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