Spring 2019 ORC Week 6 “The Reveal” – Ashley’s Kitchen

I’m feeling a bit of relief writing this. It has been a stressful and exhausting past few weeks and we are so ready to be done with this kitchen. Take a look at these before and afters of our Spring 2019 ORC kitchen:

So in this first picture you can see how strangely narrow the kitchen was. It was not wide enough for an island but bigger than your average galley kitchen. The small doorway led you to the family room. The sink wall was a concrete block wall with about 6 inches total of plaster and drywall layered on both sides. It divided the kitchen from the large dining room.

We decided to remove that wall completely and open the family room and dining room up into the new kitchen. We pulled the pantry that was nestled behind the refrigerator out to counter depth. The refrigerator was moved into a china cabinet located in the former dining room.

Here you see the massive wall that we removed. I am standing in the dining room when this picture was taken. It opened the space up in the most amazing way. We knew this was something that needed to be done, but it was way more impressive than we imagined. But aren’t removing walls always that way??

We decided to pull out the wall to counter depth on the right side of the stove cove to allow a new door to our basement and breezeway entrances. This also brought beautiful symmetry to the space.

Our new and improved larger pantry! I can’t wait to get in there a design my dream pantry!

You may have noticed that the kitchen isn’t entirely finished. The island will have black concrete waterfall countertops. Our plan is to pour next weekend. We have a friend that is a master concrete worker and he has promised an epic island. I have complete trust in him and CANNOT wait to see what he does for us!

marble backsplash, Superiore range, black walnut butcher block black kitchen modern kitchen

So this will give us an 8 foot island with seating up to four, depending on what stools I decided on. The island will be home to the sink, cabinetry and the dishwasher. As you can see we are completely framed up and ready to go!

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen was our last minute decision to add black walnut butcher block in the stove cove for countertops and open shelving. It was never planned but when I placed a cutting board there during construction, the tone and vibe it gave was undeniably gorgeous!

marble backsplash, Superiore range, black walnut butcher block

marble backsplash, Superiore range, black walnut butcher block
marble backsplash, Superiore range, black walnut butcher block

So there you have our Spring 2019 ORC kitchen. Even though we aren’t quite finished, I am so happy we took part on this round. It helped us make incredible progress on the space. I am soooo happy how it has turned out so far!

modern kitchen remodel black kitchen

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So there you have it! I hope you love what you have seen. Please come back soon to see how we finish the space with lighting, hardware and all those finishing touches!


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    1. Thank you so much! There is still a lot to do but it is coming together so well.

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