Spring 2019 ORC Week 3- Ashley’s Kitchen

This has been a busy and productive week over here! Even though a lot has happened I feel a bit of panic that it is already week 3!

So what did we do this week?

Courtney finished the last of the demo which consisted of taking out the rest of the old pantry wall. It has doubled the size of my pantry. I knew it was going to get bigger, but OMG! It is on a whole new level of amazing pantry! I cannot wait to have more shelving installed and get it organized. That also brings a level of anxiety, because the pantry has a glass french door and it will always be in full view. So there is never an excuse for a disorganized pantry! (like the mess you see now *tears*)

With the last of the demo completed we were able to focus on the range hood, soffit and doorways.

Courtney finished building the step into the sunken dining room. If you are curious to see what this step used to look like, read this post of the old kitchen and dining room.

I made a few of my big purchases! I had to buy a new range, but we didn’t have anywhere for it to be while we did heavy renovating. When I got the ok from Courtney to buy one, I knew just what I wanted!

Superiore Tecnogas Panorama

Isn’t she a beauty?!?! It was delivered incredibly fast, and there is still really no place for it, so thankfully we are past the very messy renovating!

I also bought some small things like a sink and faucet. Both were needed because we are pouring concrete this week!

I have also been focusing on backsplash, open shelving, barstools and island lighting. There has been a lot of back and forth with these things. I still haven’t decided. *more tears* So instead I bought a runner and some fabulous still life oil paintings on EBTH. lol!

The drywall finishers were in this week and are almost done. Which means I can almost get this kitchen painted! Once painted we can set our cabinets and countertops. If all goes to plan, we should be able to get that all accomplished very quickly.

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Until next week everyone!


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