The Classic Modern Kitchen Moodboard

So here it is. I’m calling it the classic modern kitchen moodboard. What do you think?

We have had a lot of back and forth about all of the finishes. We want to save money where possible, but also want the space to be new, fresh, and timeless. Here are some of the decisions we have made:

We are most likely going with CliqStudios for our cabinetry. We haven’t pulled the trigger, as we are still waiting on samples. But we are pretty confident they will be what we want. If for some reason they aren’t, we are sure we want a dark navy cabinet front. There are other options available but they require assembly, which we would love to skip if possible.

We are doing a Carrara backsplash, preferably a solid slab. This is still under debate…… but it is going to happen! haha

The countertop is going to be a dark charcoal, almost black, concrete countertop.

We intend to install two French doors on either side of the “stove cove” we will create on our large wall. A simple, white, custom hood will hover above the Carrara slab and disappear into the soffit created by the stove cove.

We haven’t purchased, but intend to do a brass latch hardware on the dark blue cabinetry. This will depend on the room available on the inset cabinets, but this is our plan for now. If latch hardware doesn’t work we will stick with brass but do a pull of some sort.

We are keeping our slate floors, refrigerator and dishwasher. The refrigerator will live in a former china cabinet that we customized for it to slide into. It was the best solution to keep the refrigerator off the stove cove wall. This also allows symmetry in the rest of the kitchen. And who wants to see a refrigerator anyways??

So this is where we stand on the kitchen as of now. Things will change, as they always do. But I feel very confident in this design as of now. I can’t wait for it to come together!

Here is a link to our last post about the kitchen in case you missed it. Keep following along to see our weekly progress!


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