The Kitchen Remodel

When we bought our home we did a minor kitchen spruce up. We added new countertops, painted the cabinets, modified a bit for new appliances. We have lived in our home for 5.5 years now. The 70 year old kitchen is due for a remodel. So here we have the start of our kitchen remodel!

I always have a struggle between doing what style I really want, and what is appropriate for my house. Where we live in Ohio, modesty is abundant. So doing a wildly modern or super trendy kitchen is out of the question. I also do not live in a beach house or a super cool NYC loft. Our home is a one story ranch on a large pine filled lot. It has some mid century vibes because it was built in the 50’s, but it is by no means mid century.

With that in mind, I am by no means a traditional style girl. Ornate mahogany cabinets isn’t going to be my first choice!

We have a few things that aren’t changing. Some of our appliances will stay. We are also saving the slate floors we installed 5 years ago. They are in great shape, we love the look, and it will save a ton of time and money. So the color palette must work with those.

Courtney also wants to do concrete countertops again. They are so durable for our busy family, and because he does them himself, the cost is insignifigant. I would love white, but I know the maintenance of white is something I can’t handle. I don’t want light grey, so it must be dark. Black preferably!

So where do we find our balance?

I always keep in mind Ikea’s cabinets because of the amazing price and interior organizers. You really can’t beat it! But I am not in love with any of their door fronts. I would only consider a matte black door they make, however it is pretty modern. Maybe to modern? And how would that feel with black concrete and dark flooring?

Then we found this kitchen that I had pinned in my personal Pinterest boards for a very long time.

Once I realized that 75% of the kitchens I pinned were by DeVol kitchens, I knew I had pinpointed my personal style. They are such a perfect blend of modern and old. This particular color palette would compliment the slate perfectly as well.

Courtney loved the brass latch hardware, which can only work on inset cabinets. Not Ikea. So begins the next problem.

So I started a hunt for inset cabinets, and I found these from Cliqstudios:

They obviously cost more, but they come assembled and painted. So that means no modifying or painting Ikea or semi handmade cabinets fronts. Which is incredibly appealing! Once the samples come in, we will know for sure if this is the route we want to go with our kitchen renovation.

There are so many other aspects of the kitchen to still decide. But I feel we are well on our way to having a fabulous kitchen!

Follow along as we get this kitchen remodel done!


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