Relative Renovations Etsy Shop

It has been about a month since I wrote my One Room Challenge Reveal. That was a hectic 6 weeks and I needed a brief hiatus from blogging. But I haven’t been idle! In the past month Rocky and I reopened my old Etsy shop. Relative Renovations Etsy Shop is alive! 

I had a shop a few years back where I made crib bedding and blankets. I enjoyed the sewing and creative aspect of having it, but didn’t stick with it. At the time I had a newborn and that seriously consumed my energy!

But we are back! 

Rocky hits the local flea markets regularly and is always finding such fabulous fabrics and textile. After she bought a batch of authentic mudcloths and indigo, I got right into sewing for her one room challenge.


I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the challenge. Then in the process I made pillows for my master bedroom.

Then some more pillows.

Then some table runners.

And a couple stroller blankets! 🙂

I couldn’t stop. 🙂

So that was all the motivation we needed to get the shop back open. So please, stop by, take a look. Tell us what you think! Here is a link to our shop

Until the next project,