2018 Fall ORC Reveal – Rocky’s Master Bedroom

Here we are my friends, at the finish line of the 2018 Fall ORC. Last April I took on my Coastal inspired dining room and was thrilled with the result. If you have been following along in my saga for this round of the challenge you know that there have been some significant ups and downs. Pretty much every person in our house has come down with a cold or flu over the past six weeks which has seriously hindered productivity. If you are interested in catching up on my previous posts I’ll link them below:

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  • Week 5 – Just kidding – this post never made it to light because of a sick two year old. Hopefully the reveal will make up for it 😛

If you don’t have time to catch up, which who does these days, here are the cliff notes. My room was a neglected dumping ground for laundry, good will piles, paperwork and basically whatever in the house did not have a home. I almost quit a couple time over the course of this challenge because it just didn’t seem like we could get it done on time with all the sickness. Thank goodness I was hit with inspiration at the right moment and didn’t give up because I am SOOO happy with how it turned out.

Before photos:

OMG… I cringe even looking at these. It is going to sound silly, probably stupid, but finishing this room has left me a lot more at peace at the end of the day. I think subconsciously I would feel an overwhelming task list because our room was in such a disheveled state. Now when I walk in, the essential oils are diffusing, the new blinds and curtains are filtering the harsh light and we are surrounded by pieces of art and collectibles we have been storing for years. It gives me all the good feels… but enough about that… how about some After shots?

Walking into the Bedroom

The first thing you typically see if our bed. After an extensive search for a California King bed, that ended in disappointment, I decided to keep my current bed and reupholster the headboard. Since I DIY’d this entire bed a few years ago it was fairly easy for me to modify the headboard. It was about $50 in material and one hour of labor. Well worth the transformation if you ask me!

Let’s do a side by side, shall we? It always amazes me what a can of paint and some throw pillows can do for a space. It wasn’t that it was so bad before – it just didn’t feel put together or cohesive with the rest of the space.

The Bed

They say you spend half of your life in your bed…so in my opinion it is a place worth spending a little more money to get it right. We invested in a Tempurpedic mattress and some simple white Matteo bed linens a few years ago. When I started shopping for new white duvet’s I realized I was basically buying exactly what I had… so in an effort to save a few bucks I soaked my white duvet in Oxiclean and Bleach for a day and it came out looking sparkling new. My husband has been a long standing “duvet only” fan – so basically we sleep with a fitted sheet and a duvet. I fought this for a long time until I realized if I compromised in the sheet/bedding department then he would compromise in the throw pillow department. In the end it was a worthy trade. I have grown to love the simplicity of a single fitted sheet…and I don’t mind washing our duvet cover every week.

Speaking of pillows, I went to the flea market a few weeks ago and hand selected these pieces of mudcloth for my bedroom pillows. Ashley then whipped both of us up some gorgeous mudcloth Euro pillows and lumbar pillows. Speaking of Ashley, you should check out her beautiful bedroom reveal too.

Then there was the rug from Turkey – shown in the upper right photo. I was pretty dissapointed when it arrived and was various shades of pink and peach. The etsy photo made it appear more mustard. Since shipping it back to Turkey would have probably cost me a down payment on a house I course corrected and made sure to include some hints of pink/peach. Anyone who knows me will know that I actually despise pink…my husband even commented, “I am proud of you for stretching out of your comfort zone ;P”. 

I think one thing that made using pink acceptable for me was this amazing mural I found on Vintage Revivals originally a piece of artwork by Colleen Elizabeth. If you are interested in the tutorial I’ll link it here. In the pictures above you can see that little office nook to the left of my bed. How about another side by side for this transformation.

The Office Nook

Can you see why I was so okay with pink! This mural is everything, it actually inspired me to keep going with the ORC when I hit one of my lows! This little nook went from a crap collection corner to a beautiful built in desk. It’s a perfect sized office nook for me to sit down and work on my design projects, write blog posts, pay bills etc.

I added a few faux succulent planters on the right side of the desk. I didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of live succulents so I took a trip to our friends at Creative Succulents and hand picked some realistic look alike succulents. I arranged them in a few hanging planters I picked up at Target. On the left side of the desk I added clip boards that hold some current project info, it is a super easy was for me to keep track of any on going projects, to do lists, etc. You can see in the picture above the sneak peak into the fireplace area. 

Fireplace Sitting Room

This master bedroom is huge and it almost felt like I was decoration two spaces. Since this is a rental house I was not allowed to permanently modify the book cases, but the brown was really making this corner feel drab and dated.

It didn’t help that we sort of unofficially made this our “dump zone” of the whole house. This challenge lit the fire under my butt to get this area cleaned up. I was able to donate a lot of items to goodwill and make a few bucks at a garage sale. It felt so good to clean this space up and only keep what we still used or needed.

For the back of the bookcases I went back and forth about using removable wall paper. It was just all so expensive and nothing spoke to me for this space. Once night I was looking at the office nook mural  and wished I could paint the mural on the back of the bookcases. There was so much sample paint leftover that I decided to transpose the mural onto foam boards I cut to fit the backs of the bookcases. Since we actually use these bookcases to store office materials the mural is a bit blocked – but overall it really ties together the two spaces and is SO much better than before.

We also used it as an opportunity to display some artwork and sculptures we have both collected through the years. I know this is not everyone’s first choice artwork, but it means something to us and at the end of the day that is what matters most. Every piece has a story or reminds us of trips we have taken together and before we were married.

Here are a few more pictures before I wrap up the Reveal post.

There you have it, another Oneroomchallenge under my belt. I was so thankful for all the encouragement and help from friends in this community. I hope you like our room as much as we do. Please make sure to check out all the other guest participants for the oneroomchallenge here. There are some incredibly inspiring room renovations. I also like to search the hastag #oneroomchallenge or #bhgorc. 

Thanks again for following along on our journey of this 2018 Fall ORC!


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