2018 Fall ORC Week 5- Ashley’s Master Bedroom

This has been the quickest 5 weeks I can ever remember. But boy has it been fun. Week 5 of the ORC has certainly been a challenge and put pressure on to finish the last few things. 

Here is what happened this week:

This was a busy week of sewing sewing and more sewing. I received a fabulous package from Rocky full of her finds from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I had my choice of mudcloth and indigos to start “making” ! I put these together for Rocky: 

Then I made a few for my bed: 

I am in the process of making more and more with the remaining fabric to restock our Etsy shop. I am having so much fun making things again to sell. I forgot how much I love doing it. I love the challenge of being creative and making something different than everyone else. 

I moved on to making final decisions with the artwork and furniture layout this week. A couple vignettes came together that I am really happy with. They may change before the final reveal, but I am loving them just the same. 

This is a really cool piece that my mom and I found at a local flea market. The vendor said it was an old display piece. I love the rattan and exaggerated height. It fits the tall, narrow space perfectly! 

The last thing I am still debating about is the barn door to my bathroom. I have always thought to trim it out like a very ornate French door, but for some reason I can’t pull the trigger on that idea. Then I briefly considered using a removable wallpaper on it, but it would cost about $250 plus, wouldn’t get here before my deadline and I’m not convinced I would like. So scratch that idea.

After Rocky did her “paint by number” mural it occurred to me, why don’t I treat this like a canvas? So that is exactly what I plan to do. I am finishing the last coat of white paint and intend to do something modern and graphic. Perhaps like these inspiration photos from Pinterest:

I suppose the barn door will be part of the reveal surprise. Don’t miss it 🙂 

So there you have it for week 5 of the ORC. I am so excited to finish up this space and show you all. Have you checked out the other participants yet? Here is a link to find them all. 

Until next week,