Week 3 of the ORC- Ashley’s Master Bedroom

I was starting to doubt my design and feeling like it was all wrong. Then I saw this picture on Pinterest and all was good again. So as I was sitting down to write this I felt as if I hadn’t accomplished much for week 3 of the ORC. It was only after I made a list of what I still needed that I discovered I had made all my last big purchases- and scored some amazing deals! Here is what happened:

Courtney and I were discussing the particulars of the headboard. During that conversation I figured out my idea of making three panels and using my bed’s headboard as one of the pieces wasn’t going to work. There was a chance that the panels could get a bit wonky towards the floor near the bed’s feet. So with no thought at all, I listed my bed on craigslist and it was gone by 8 am the next morning. 

I knew I needed a low profile platform bed so I started looking around. I found this frame on a local auction website and ended up winning the auction for $15!! 

It isn’t the most exciting bed to show you here, but it is going to give me the minimal modern look I am after. 

So next- I finally came to a decision on my wall sconces. I was going to buy 2 simple white swing arm sconces on amazon. They were not my first choice. I hesitated too long on the ones I really wanted from West Elm and of course, they sold out a few weeks ago. The amazon option seemed like an O.K. compromise. To my surprise, they sold out too! I mean seriously?!? 

I decided to make one last effort and call West Elm to see if my local store had them in stock. They did not. 🙁 But….. one store in Texas had two available. The LAST two in the USA! I promptly called and they are currently on their way to my home. Best of all, they were on sale for $99!! 

Imagine two of these flanking my bed. I CANNOT wait! 

My last and final exciting purchase was a rug on EBTH.com. I lucked out on a local auction and found this 4×6 beauty for the foot of my bed:

I hope she is as beautiful in person. She is a girl, right? Pickup is tomorrow so I sooo look forward to seeing her in place. 

So that is it for week 3 of the ORC. 

Read here to see the progress I have made in week 1 and week 2.

Whats in store for next week? 

  1. Finish touch up paint on trim.
  2. Have the headboard made and installed.
  3. Get to work on the custom pillows for my bed, and Rocky’s bed. 

Until next week! 


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