ORC Week 2 Ashley’s Master Bedroom

Its week 2 of the ORC! I am feeling pretty good about the master bedroom already.

We accomplished a lot this week! Here is what we did:

  1. The wallpaper is up. I really love the grasscloth paper weave that I chose. It is a foil back weave, so there is so much light that bounces off if it. The darkness in our room is something I have never loved. 

Wallpaper Choice.                                                            

I prepped the walls with a primer/sizer. This is going to help the paper come off easily when I decided to change things up. It is a crucial step if you aren’t committed to the paper for a lifetime. Hanging the wallpaper took a couple hours for two people. Half the wall down will be covered by my custom headboard, so it made sense to save money and time by only papering halfway down.

    2. The room was also painted a fresh coat of white. We went with Benjamin Moore’s “Super White”. I wanted a brightness and this transformed the space! I had no idea how darkening the light gray walls were. 



        3. Do you see this AHH-mazing velvet I found?? I went to a local fabric store that was selling bolts at 50% off. I was looking for a deep, moody warm color in a velvet. When I saw the way the light changed this fabric I knew that was it. I intend to make 2 lumbar pillows with this for the bed. There are 5 yards of this cognac beauty, so who knows what else I may do with it! 

        4. A piece of bedding arrived as well. This is the coverlet I chose from Frontgate. It had all the muted and relaxed texture I was looking for. The frayed edges sold me instantly. It will go nicely with the rest of the bedding that is on its way. 


So there you have it for week 2 of the ORC. Installation of the dramatic changes will be happening soon. I can’t wait!! 

Click here if you would like to see the before from week 1. 

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