Surf Shack Meets Pirate Ship Room Reveal

Hi Everyone, Rocky here!

If you have been reading for a while then you probably read about my plans to transform my sons room in this post here. The surf shack- pirate ship room is done!

Just to jog your memory, when we moved into our rental I basically just threw a bunch of kid furniture in here and didn’t touch it again. 

What can I say, the room was a bit of a mess. I couldn’t stand how the color of the walls made everything look a little bit dingy and yellow. Since my son was still sleeping and napping in this room it took me about a month of working on it in small chunks to finish everything. To combat the buttercream color I decided to paint the whole room Dunn Edwards Crystal Haze, it has been one of my favorite go to warm grays. It seems to work in every house I put it in and I especially love it in this room.

Without further ado, I’m ready to show you the reveal!

From the Hallway



First thing was first, I decided to paint the whole room my favorite soft warm gray by Dunn Edwards called Crystal Haze. It is amazing the difference a can of paint can make to transform an entire room! Next was adding blackout curtains, from Target, to help facilitate the naps my son thinks he is dropping… little does he know my evil plans to get him to continue napping longer 🙂

We added some cute wall hooks from Anthropologie to hold his hats and jackets and a few frames from Ikea.

In the Bedroom

Once in the bedroom his bunk bed is on the right

Where do I start with this angle. I love his new to us Room and Board Piper bed that I scored on craigslist. They are one of my favorite furniture stores so I was happy to add a quality piece of furniture that will grow with him. Most of my major furniture pieces are from Room and Board, what can I say, we are huge fans of the quality and craftsmanship. We also added some greenery with a Fiddle leaf fig and an oversized engineer print above the bed.

This photo is from a beach in Avalon, Catalina where we vacation every year. I loved how it came out in a 24″x36″ and that it was such an affordable way to have large scale art in his room. Now I get the hype as to why everyone loves these prints! Just in case it were to fall off the wall I used a plexiglass poster frame from Michael’s.

Looking Towards the Door

He loves to follow me around when I am trying to work on house stuff.

The gallery wall came together slowly and I love that each part of it is collected and has meaning. Let’s start at the top and move clockwise shall we! I picked up the “R” from a local flea market for my sons initial and spray painted it blue. Next was a painting I did in art class this year of a Gray Malin Beach arial photo. I worked on it for 6 weeks and am super happy that it can be front and center. The photograph in black and white frame is a picture of my husband reigning in our spinnaker sail. I’ve always loved the composition and colors and my son loves pointing at Daddy on the boat.

The next piece may seem random, but I saw it in a local surf shop and pretty much obsessed over it for six months. At the time I had asked the shop owner if I could buy it and he laughed and said he had only made two and they weren’t for sale, but maybe we would start selling them one day. I had taken a picture and decided it was the color inspiration for my boys room refresh. Luckily I stopped in last week and told the shop owner how much I loved it and he gave it to me! Score! The final picture is an original etching I picked up at a flea market. My son loves pirate ships, so this black and white was a total hit!

The Toy Area

Every little kid has to have their bookshelf and toy area, amiright?! I picked up this cute shelf at ikea and organized  my sons toy collection. Now he actually spends time playing with his toys instead of just emptying buckets for the sake of creating a mess! 

While I was looking for artwork I remembered this silk batik pirate ship that I created back in middle school. I knew it was in a box somewhere so I searched and found it. Apparently this love of pirate ships is deeply rooted in our family, who knew! Next to that is a pennant with our local surf spot “San O”. Its the perfect blend of this Surf Shack meets pirate themed room.

So, what do you think? Do you like it as much as I do?