Big Girl Room Makeover

We had discussed eventually separating our kids into their own bedrooms once we got settled into our new house. Initially I did not want to mess with their routine or disturb our school schedule. However,  we quickly realized our two year old needs about three less hours of sleep than everyone else in our house *insert big eye emoji*. I am going to take this opportunity to interject that we do have a bedtime routine and we are pretty diligent about sticking to it ( mainly for our own sanity). He is just a little more high energy than the rest of us and wakes up every morning on a mission. Most nights at bedtime we hear our daughter screaming for us to come upstairs and remove him from her bed. Or he kindly decides to body slam her first thing in the morning. All this being said, her room quickly moved to the top of the list of priority projects. Well, that and a set of black out curtains for our sons room.

When we discussed the idea with her she was so excited. We jumped on pinterest together and started scanning photos. She saw this one from Young House Love and immediately said, ” I want those hearts….and ice cream cones….and bows and pink”


A five year old dream was born…. and my thirty five year old dream of a sophisticated little girls room died…a little…  First off, I kind of dislike pink. A. Lot. Second, my daughter was going to be using our old Room and Board walnut bedroom furniture which is very masculine and modern. Her room will dual as a guest room when we have friends in town so I wanted to keep the room inviting for adults and her alike. Then my husband pulled out the guilt card and said, “That isn’t really fair – It is HER room after all…” So I abandoned my plans and decided to embrace this colorful wonderful idea of a room filled with hearts and ice cream and pink…every shade of pink one can imagine.

Here is what I came up with…


Source List –

  1. Room and Board Hudson Queen storage bed – This was the first piece of furniture we bought as a married couple. It is walnut and has ample storage in the four large drawers underneath. It has been in storage for two years, so we are excited that our daughter can start using it.
  2. Heart Prints from Jenny’s Print Shop – This is such a cool website with a wide range of cool prints for $15 and advice for where to get them printed.
  3. Ikea Ranarp plug in Sconces – I bought these for the kids last room and never got around to hanging them.
  4. Bright Lab Lights – Re purposing from the kids previous shared room.
  5. Wall mounted custom night stands – back before I had kids I used to spend my free time wood working…reading…learning (oh the glory days) – I built these two custom night standing from scratch to work with the pull out drawers. I hope these will become heirloom pieces for my kids one day.
  6. Ikea pink herringbone curtain panels and rod.
  7. Pom-Pom Bedding – I am going to re purpose an old white duvet and add pink DIY pom poms along the edge. I figure this is a budget friendly way of adding some girly pink to her new room without having to buy a bunch of new bedding.
  8. Heart Sheets by Pillowfort at Target – her in store choice.
  9. A few baskets with DIY pom pom and tassles for toys and stuffed animals
  10. Likely a gallery wall opposite the bed.

Since my goal is to re-purpose and use things I already have, a lot of the items above are free. For this entire room makeover I am hoping to spend less than $450. Luckily the big ticket furniture items are in place. We also have to keep in mind that this is a rental property and we need to avoid painting or changing anything permanent. So basically the brown carpet and buttercream wall color stays 🙁


For the first few months of living here we mainly used this room as a storage facility. I spent a few hours last week organizing and hanging some items. The vibe has changed drastically and we are starting to feel the heart – ice cream dream 🙂


Stay tuned for the reveal coming soon!


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