The Side Patio Begins!

I have been planning my side patio for awhile. Now that it is finally warming up, it is time to start!!

I purchased this stencil from cutting edge stencils:


My plan is to give it a cement tile look, without the cost or probability of the tile being destroyed over a bad winter.

The first step is to give the concrete pad a very good cleaning. This side patio gets a lot of debris from pine trees, so cleaning it up after a long winter is a big job!

The next step is to paint the concrete a couple coats of a good exterior floor paint. I am leaning towards a creamy white, although as usual, there is a lot of debate about that choice. If we do go with a white, I plan to stencil over with black. Just like the photo above.

If you remember this post from a few months back, I planned to have the color palette be predominantly black, white and green with pops of whatever color I am in the mood for. So a black and white stenciled concrete pad is a great start.


We also have the plans for a custom built L shaped bench with a concrete fire bowl in the center. I originally wanted a free standing fireplace, but I don’t think it is as realistic of a choice. Courtney is excited to make a fire bowl, which means it will definitely happen. So I am excited too! These are what we are using for our inspiration:


I am hunting all the local for sale by owner websites for a swing chair or some sort of statement chair for the conversation area. If I can’t find one, I plan to buy this one at pier one:


We also have plans to build a very long dining table for the space. I really want an antique style 3 plank dining table, like this one:


I am excited to have this project finally starting after so many months of prep and planning. I am also feeling pretty proud that I am definite on what I want the patio to look like. It’s not uncommon for me to feel very unsure at this point on all of my choices. I can’t wait to show the progress!

Now to wait for this endless rainy spring/summer to stop………..