ORC Dining Room Cost How Much?!?!

When I started the One Room Challenge I told myself I would stick to a strict budget…you should hear me laughing over here…because once the ball got rolling it was pretty hard to stop.

There were a few factors that contributed to the spending. First, some of the furniture I counted on was still being used to stage my old house. Two, the time constraints forced me to buy  a few more things than I initially expected to DIY. Third, sometimes things just add up faster than you realize. Fourth, sometimes I have zero self control ( I admit it).  I don’t regret spending what I did, but it is a good reminder to keep better track of a budget throughout the duration of a project…not just at the end like I did.

If you are just joining along feel free to check out the dining room reveal. The progress week by week was all documented in Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5 posts.

So here we go:

piano view with numbers-upload

  1. Frame from Michaels – $50.00 – using 40% coupon
  2. and 4. “Don’t Give up the Ship” flag from Studio Mcgee plus Agate frame – $218.74
  3. Sconces from Amazon x 2 – $69 x 2 = $138.00
  4. See 2 above.
  5. Glass Beads from Flea Market + Target Stand = $75.00
  6. Gray Malin Escape and Beaches + copper Stand = $75.00
  7. Piano + Movers = $360.00
  8. Recovering Piano Bench with indigo fabric – $40.00
  9. World Market Basket + Fig Tree – $39.99 + free because I already had the Fig.

front view-upload

10. Bludot Real Good Chair in Copper – $299.0 per Chair – Total = $950.00 with tax + shipping

11. DIY Banquette – Materials only – $488.39

  • Foam – $111.92
  • Batting and Seat cushion foam – $106.32
  • Fabric – $139.4
  • Wood- $130.75

12. Sputnik like Chandelier from Amazon – $179.99

13. Succulent Driftwood Center piece – $140.00

14. Mudcloth throw pillows + insert – Total – $149.99

  • 2 pillow covers from flea market + mudcloth fabric for DIY of lumbar – $120
  • Insert – $29.99, I had the two other inserts laying around.

15. Jute Rug from Pier one – $269.32

16. Tulip style Table from Craigslist – $80.00


dining room side view-upload

17. Seascape print from society 6 + Micheals Frame- $99.00

  • Print – $69.00
  • Frame – $30.00 with 40% off coupon

18. Wall hung succulent – $50.00

19. Wall Paint – $35/bucket but I had this from a previous project.

20. Incidentals and Miscellaneous during the banquette build- $100.00

Here are a few more gratuitous after shots… Before I post the  summation of my frivolous spending 😛

no 5

Grand Total – $3503.42

Did you hear that?!? Yeah…I was picking my jaw off the floor! I had gathered all the numbers and created the photos above before I did the final addition of costs. Holy Cow that is a lot of money!!! I’m a little embarrassed to admit I thought I had spent closer to my original budget of $2500.

I wanted to break this down particularly to point out that revamping a room is typically not a small amount of money. You can collect stuff overtime and save as many coupons as possible…but at the end of the day the big ticket and quality items are going to cost a fair amount of money. It is worth noting that none of this was sponsored and was all out of my own savings. So this is what it would cost a normal person to transform a room.

Did I save money by doing a bunch of DIY things, shopping flea markets and scrounging for Micheals and Joann’s coupons and sales – ABSOLUTELY!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Did I splurge on those BluDot chairs and Studio Mcgee finds – ABSOLUTELY!

no 2

What is always interesting to me is that when you scan through the list of costs it isn’t a bunch of huge amounts…but instead it is $40 here and $100 dollars there. This serves as a great reminder to really keep on top of future budgets and make sure I am not nickle and dime-ing my budget away.

All that being said, I am supper Happy with this room! It is the center of our home and we all love spending time in it. So it was worth it. Moving forward I have a goal to stay on target with my room revamp budgets. I also learned a great lesson that sometimes it is worth splurging on things that you Really like – not just the runner up version that is $20 cheaper. I realized when I finished this room that for years I had been settling on certain decor pieces (like pillows, centerpieces and baskets) because I didn’t want to spend the money on the things that I Really Loved. With this room I made the conscious decision to buy what was right for this room and what really spoke to me. The result is a room that I love and don’t feel  like I compromised on…and also a little more money than I originally intended.

Hope you enjoyed the breakdown! Have you redone a room and been surprised by the cost? Did you DIY your heart out and still come in over budget? I’d love to hear what you guys have experienced when redecorating rooms!