ORC Reveal – Coastal Eclectic Dining Room

We made it!!!!!!! I’m sitting here at midnight the day before the ORC reveals hopped up on caffeine, cinnamon toast crunch and chocolate (we can discuss my questionable dietary choices later)…the point is that I am done! Finished! Complete….Well maybe not entirely – I am still living out of boxes in my master bedroom and my TV is propped up on saw horses- but the Dining room is done and this was the whole point of the ORC. To make one room complete in its entirety! ( I warn you now, there are going to be a crap ton of exclamation marks in this post – you are reading my tone correctly – Excitedly screaming!).

For those that are reading this post for the first time you might want to catch up on what the ORC, or One Room Challenge is all about. The official participants and website are linked here. Guest participants link up tomorrow typically this location. The point is for a designer to focus on a complete overhaul of one room over the course of six weeks. At the end of that time frame everyone reveals their final spaces. In my first post I explained how I had just moved into a rental house after the disappointment of leaving a house I thought we would be living in for many years to come. In order to make our new dated digs feel homey and soften the blow of the move I devoted all my extra time and energy (read 8 pm to midnight on week nights) into designing a welcoming dining space. Since this was the first time in years I had lived in a rental designing the space came with a bunch of limitations I was not used to. It forced me to stretch my creative side and man was it a great challenge.

When you look around social media in the next week and notice your favorite designers #oneroomchallenge or see this logo:


You know that they also poured their life into revamping one room. I have loved the camaraderie and meeting new people via social media. It felt like everyone was building off each others excitement and momentum. This past week I have been checking in on the hashtag fairly often – not only am I completely inspired by everyone else’s projects, but I felt like I had a team I could check in with when the my motivation waned. So without further ado, or many more boring words…Here it is! My new coastal eclectic dining room!

before piano spot


no 1
before full view
no 2
no 3
no 5

So now that you have a good overall view of the room transformation. How about we discuss all the little details that I am falling in love with by the day.


One – the succulent and driftwood table centerpiece has my heart. I debated so hard about buying it – the purchase felt like an unnecessary expenditure on a room that already was costing way more than my initial budget allowed. I went for it thinking I would likely return it…but the minute I sat it down on my table I was committed. It is the perfect counter balance to the white acrylic table. The texture of the wood is raw and fluid and then you have the real succulents that bring some life to the inanimate objects. I could go on forever, but bottom line…go with your gut when you love something for your house. I don’t regret one of my “unnecessary” accessories…looking at them literally makes me happy everyday.



Two – Blue Dot Real Good Chairs in copper…man oh man was this a big mental struggle. I have had a furniture crush on these chairs for probably seven years. The cost and straight up uniqueness of them always made me hesitate. I knew there were plenty of spaces where they would not work…For some reason I kept coming back to pictures of them and thinking…”if only I buy those chairs…” So despite my fears about them being unsafe for the kids, my inability to let them properly patina over time and the very real possibility of them throwing the room out of whack… I went for it. They came in a flat packed box…on the night of the deadline…WTH… I came through in the end – but really my husband took over and built them while I made dinner. Thank goodness for him! They are a win…and I’m going to love them hard. P.S. Aren’t the seat cushions Ashley sewed for them perfect?

rg chair

Three – speaking of the seat cushions – I can’t get over the beautiful pillow covers and seat cushions Ashley sewed for my project. Custom pillows always make a space feel more curated and finished. THANK YOU ASH!!!!

Four – Mcgee and Co finds… I’ve been obsessed with rocks my whole life, which is why I could not let this agate picture frame pass buy. Plus it was the perfect way to highlight the real loves in my life – my peeps – <3.



I discussed the large flag a little bit in my last post but I didn’t really explain the significance. When I showed my husband “Don’t Give up the Ship”  he immediately said, “It’s perfect”. For so many reasons this quote fits in our life. Being that we are avid sailors and actually own a “ship” there is the literal reason. It also feels like every venture we set out to do together turns into an unexpected journey and sometimes we have to hold onto the ship to keep the dream afloat. So for now, this is our household mantra!

Since I can’t afford a full size Gray Malin photo  yet I made this cute copper stand so we can have an ever changing gallery of beautiful aerial sea photos. It is kind of a fun and casual way to change the artwork every couple days. Plus the book is super fun to flip through when you want to dream of beautiful places.

Five – My DIY custom banquette. What a freaking beast! I can’t wait to write a few tutorials for how this baby came together. I’m currently suffering mild carpal tunnel from over use with the staple gun. It was worth it though! I feel an immense pride when I look at this 7′ long by 5′ tall piece of furniture. It helped me feel confident in wood working again and forced me to literally clean the rust and cobwebs off my tools. I am more ready than ever for my next build! So thank you Banquette!


I could literally go on and on…but I am starting to bore myself, so I think it is time to wrap it up. I can’t believe I never joined the One Room Challenge in the past, what a fun experience. I loved the deadline, the team spirit and the excuse to buy some beautiful pieces for my home. In the past I had always relied on my ability to change permanent finishes. We have renovated three houses so there has been a lot of tile, paint and woodwork used to transform them. The problem with that is that I would always run out of money to buy what I really wanted for the space. Or I would run out of energy to DIY cool unique pieces. So all the spaces felt 85% complete. I’ve read a lot lately to love where you live now. I couldn’t agree more! Now is the time. Let’s move on to the next room and project…This project gave me the jump start I needed!

See you in the Fall #oneroomchallenge, it’s been awesome!


If you are curious where this journey started here are the links for previous week below:

  • Week 1 – All the plans and mood boards.
  • Week 2 – Ordering All.The.Things.
  • Week 3 – Receiving some of the things and starting the banquette build.
  • Week 4 – Oh Crap we are going on vacation in the middle of this – more building.
  • Week 5 – Now I really have to finish everything and all my orders are not in yet!

24 thoughts on “ORC Reveal – Coastal Eclectic Dining Room

  1. AMAZING! I made a channel tufted headboard so I know what a huge feat yours is! I just love those copper chairs, the piano in there, the art, everything! Congrats on such a beautiful space!

  2. Wow. Just wow. Everything is my favorite. Is that okay?! I absolutely love the large quote. What a great saying for a room that packs so much coastal chicness. The book on stand is the most genius thing! I love an ever-changing gallery and this makes it so affordable and easy. The banquette-ahhh the banquette-I really, REALLY want to find out how you did this so I can attempt to recreate it. And you’re absolutely right-the driftwood juxtaposed with your sleek, acrylic table is divine. Agree-this challenge was so awesome and motivating. The friendships that came out of it were just the icing on the cake.

    1. Thank you so much!! We really love the way the room turned out. Isn’t it great when a space actually comes together the way you hoped it would 😉
      We are working on a tutorial of how we made the banquette right now, so keep an eye out for that post 🙂

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