ORC Week 5 – Coastal Eclectic Dining Room


Are you kidding me…Week 5 *insert all the freaking out face emoji’s*. I can’t believe how fast the last five weeks have gone. For the past twelve years my professional life has been all about deadlines-engineers thrive on them- so it has been a really interesting transition channeling the same kind of planning and motivation I would spend on an engineering project into this room design. I have loved the creative challenge and stretching myself to make decisions, build furniture and practice my styling. Plus it has given me a great excuse to buy a few coveted decorating items to accessorize 🙂

This week was intense, day one we spent on the last part of our family vacation. Enjoying the desert in the morning some mountain air at the top of the Palm Springs Ariel tram for lunch and an evening out sailing. This is the magic of living in Southern California…whenever I think of moving I remind myself of all the beauty I’m surrounded by and think…”Nope”.


My sweet family after our little’s guys first one mile hike.

family photo

Besides the natural beauty there is the shopping…I couldn’t be surrounded by more amazing artisans or shops to explore. Day two of week five my friend and I drove up to Costa Mesa and hit up the new Mcgee & Co shop. It was so worth the trip and detour to Sidecar donuts (try eggs Benedict and butter and salt) across the street. If you are ever in town and a devoted fan of interiors and donuts make sure you put this on your list!

Their collection is so perfectly displayed and curated! I wanted to live in this little shop:) I am not typically a gold/brass fan…but the boxes and calendar will one day find a home in my office revamp!

The picture on the right is the haul I brought home from Mcgee &Co, that flag and agate frame are everything! When I saw this flag hanging in the shop it was just too perfect not to grab for a large graphic piece of art above the piano. We are a sailing family and own a small sailboat, so this mantra runs deep in our house. I was so hopeful it would match the banquette…and luckily it was super close so naturally I am keeping it. I decided to shadow box it for a larger impact. I’ll be writing a tutorial for that as soon as this one room challenge is over!

This week was also filled with a lot of arrivals in the mail. The society 6 ocean ariel poster arrived, It is pretty but not as great of quality as I was hoping for. I would be hard pressed to order a photo from them again, otherwise their shipping was as expected and everything came in good shape. I framed it in a white frame and decided to place it on the wall adjacent to the kitchen. It balances nicely between the visually heavy wood piano and blue banquette on the other walls.

What didn’t come this week was the foam for the back of the banquette. I am seriously disappointed in how long this order took. I called to specifically ask and confirm that it would be sent in 10 business days the first week of the ORC. Here we are in week five and it arrive on Wednesday night. So now I have to seriously hustle to get this banquette done this upcoming weekend. When it finally arrived I freaked out thinking they sent me the wrong order, but as soon as i cut the box a foam monster emerged:


All of it was there, plus two extra for mistakes (or future foam swords). I started cutting the fabric last night…this beast is going to take a bit more time than I expected.

While all of this chaos was taking place and I was screaming at Amazon and replacing ugly purchases Ashley was slaving over her sewing machine in Ohio making some amazing mudcloth and vegan leather pillows for the dining room. I also made a splurge purchase on a few Extremely unique dining chairs and she made seat covers for those. I am so thankful to have my partner in crime on call and helping me with all the elements I am not used to working on ( i.e. sewing and upholstery) <3

These dining chairs could quite possibly make or break this room…so I am going to save it for the reveal…because One they don’t arrive until Tuesday night and Two I might have to immediately send them back ;P

In other news, we replaced the chandelier, painted the dining room white and added the sconces. It immediately transformed the space. However I should probably take this time to rename this post “ORC-lessons learned”… One of the piano scones is broken and won’t stay up. You can see it on the left, looking all droopy and sad. I quickly wrote amazon a disgruntled email – but it is unlikely they can replace it in time for the ORC deadline -so a black ziptie is helping in the meantime. The lesson here would be, build/inspect the crap you order online as soon as you receive it so you have time to re-order.

At one point this past weekend my dining room looked like a war-zone:


You gotta do what you gotta do, amiright!

Luckily I pulled it back together before school and work started Monday morning and it is starting to feel more like the dining room I envisioned. I snapped this last night and it made me feel this overwhelming excitement…it’s coming together…it’s almost done!!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I don’t have a lot of great photos this week because I was so busy working out the kinks and installing everything. There was no time for any sort of staged photos shoots. I guess you will just have to tune in next week for the reveal! I can’t believe I’ll be done soon 🙂

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See you next week!!!



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