ORC Week 4 – Coastal Eclectic Dining Room


Well here we are, Week 4 of the ORC! No one told me how fast these six week would fly. I feel like each week I have made big strides toward developing the dining room, building the banquette and buying the materials.  Unfortunately, I can’t mark one item off my list yet and that is definitely makes me nervous. I am also awaiting a few key order to arrive in the mail and that is stressing me out. I keep having that “falling behind feeling”…but if college taught me anything it is that an all-nighter cram session can bring it home in a crunch. I might have learned a few other things…but that post is for another day 😛

I realized this week that I slightly mis-calculated the amount of time left before the deadline and the fact that we had a vacation planned this week with little to no reception. Which meant that all the work I was going to complete during week 4 needed to happen Friday and Saturday. Talk about a stressful moment.

The most pressing item on my To-do list was continuing the build of the banquette, sanding and painting it. I am still waiting on the round poly cushions to arrive so I can upholster the back. I will feel a lot better about being able to finish that portion of the dining room once those arrive.

Thursday night I jumped on finishing up the trim pieces along the perimeter to frame out the seat.


The trim took a few hours and then it was time to add some wood putty and sand her down smooth:

IMG_2459 .

I was able to beg for some help with the painting which sped up the process. *Thank you husband!!!!!* If you have been following my IG stories I have shown the rental house backyard view a few times. There is not much to complain about with this sanding/painting setup:



The biggest curve ball came on Saturday when my friend shot me a listing on Offerup for a tulip style table under $100. We had been discussing how classic the feel of a tulip table is and that it would be a great choice in my dining room. The table I planned on using was still being used to stage my home that is for sale. So I had a dilemma – take it and leave a room unfinished while I am trying to attract buyers or leave it and buy a new table. So I made an $80 offer and arranged to drive up to LA on Sunday morning. By 8 am I was heading back home with donuts for the kiddos and a table too!


Moving it into the house was the first time I got a real look at how the furniture was going to feel spatially.


A few things struck me immediately when I saw the table in it’s place…

  1. Where the heck was my bleached jute rug I had ordered two weeks earlier?!?!
  2. That chandelier is seriously killing my vibe.
  3. A bench on the outside may not work any more…do I need dining chairs now?
  4. The creamy yellow wall color really looks gross with the blue and white against it. Do I need to paint the room white now?

I spent the last few days on vacation sorting out some of the issues above. 1. Pier one literally lost my order so a new rug is on it’s way from Amazon. 2. The new chandelier is here and was spray painted black before our trip, I can’t wait to install it and see if it visually lightens (no pun intended) the space above the table. 3 and 4 are still up for debate, I think I need to see how everything works together before I decide for sure on those items.


So that was Week 4! A lot of work and building. A few lessons learned – i.e. always check on the status of your orders and when you spray paint don’t be overly eager to finish the job. I might be a slightly aggressive spray painter :/

I can’t wait to see where everyone else is at this week. Hopefully I am not too behind…eekk…

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If you have any opinions about #3 and 4 above let me know your thoughts! I’d love to get some other opinions on the dining chairs verse bench.

See you next week!