The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

Our most recent client came to us for a moodboard for their bathroom. They weren’t sure exactly what style they wanted but they had a few factors that played into the overall feel they wanted for the space. Their home is nestled in the mountains in an adorable community here in Socal. It definitely has a cabin feel with warm honey toned paneling throughout. The paneling was a labor of love installed by our client and his family, therefore it was important to keep the cabin feel flowing from this main room into the bathroom.

One of our client’s initial inspiration photos happened to be when they saw Rocky’s¬†kitchen photos. ¬†With that space in mind and a brief conversation we were able to get an idea of the overall use of the space and vibe they wanted to create.

So our challenge was finding a way to make a black moody bathroom blend with a warm paneled cabin in the mountains without it feeling like you stepped into an alternate “bathroom” universe!

We started a private Pinterest board and the discussion began. This is what they wanted, and didn’t want:

  • Lots of storage.
  • Natural wood vanity that could blend with the current home’s paneling.
  • A bit rustic, a bit modern.
  • No shiplap.
  • Cement tile floors.
  • Liked white tile but didn’t want it to be sterile.

These were the photos that spoke to them the most:


As Rocky and I began the search for specific products, we came across a few different vanities. Here were our first choices:


We chose a few tile options:


We then created these moodboards and presented them to our clients:



After some more discussions, we then edited the boards a bit more. Everyone agreed on the tile choices but the vanity was still in question. Our clients showed us a mid century modern credenza they loved and hoped they could have a look like that. So we were then on the hunt for a slightly more MCM vibe.

Ultimately after much back and forth between Rocky and I, we picked our favorite vanities:


These new vanities brought us to the final moodboard:

Baldy Bathroom Final Layout (dragged)

Baldy Bathroom Final Layout (dragged) 1

Baldy Bathroom Final Layout (dragged) 2

We are very happy with the final board. We feel it best combines a rustic cabin feel with a sleek dark design.

As with all of our e-boards we provide, the client was given variety on some of the larger pieces, like the vanity. So according to their budget or affinity for a certain piece, they can easily purchase it through the provided links. And for the simpler things, like textiles or lighting, one choice was given with a direct link to the source website.

We are so excited to see the final product!


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