ORC Week 2 Coastal Eclectic Dining Room Makeover Update


It is hard to believe it has already been one full week. We have made a lot of progress this week…but don’t have a lot to show for it through pictures. I spent the entire weekend overhauling the garage. If you were following along on my Instagram stories then you likely saw the disaster that was located in the path of all my wood working tools. It was exhausting, but I am happy to report that the garage is more or less cleaned, organized and ready to become a workshop.

Once space was cleared to work on all the ORC projects I started planning out the banquette design and quantities of materials. The foam and velvet is on it’s way and I am making a cut list to buy over the weekend.

There were also some super exciting purchases I have been mulling over for a long time.

First, the piano!! We could not resist the walnut wood grain…It is an antique and has suffered some neglect over the years. With a thick coat of furniture polish and cleaning up all the crevices with Q-tips the old girl started to shine again…Or at least not look so dirty 😛 My husband found it on Let it Go for under $250. I have found that people will practically give away old upright pianos.

I like the piano on that wall, I am just starting to fear that the room might feel crowded with such a heavy piece of furniture. There are a few ideas I am toying with to help lighten the space. One, purchase a lighter tone rug, two, possibly trade out my wood table top for a lighter top and three, ditch the piano bench for a modern stool. Stay tuned to see which way we go.

IMG_7477 2
I think Andy is the most excited here
IMG_7478 2
Everyone was so excited to test her out!

We also made the lighting purchases, imagine two of these flanked over the piano on either side…I can’t wait:


Chandelier above the table:


Both are from Amazon.

We initially found this chandelier in black and instantly knew it was the one. Unfortunately the delivery dates were May 3-23rd…*insert crying emogi face*. We found this look alike above and it met our shipping timeline but was only available in silver. So it is going to require a little DIY on our part…but it is worth it to get a cohesive vibe in the space.

This is the blue velvet we chose for the custom banquette:


If you remember, we are using Brady Tolbert’s tutorial for an upholstered headboard. We are modifying it to be a free standing banquette. We are also using the same fabric source he used. We chose “Royal”.

Here is the rug we are hoping will tone down the extremely orange wood floors throughout the downstairs. We chose this one from Pier One:IMG_7475 2

And last but not least, artwork from Minted…I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on this purchase yet. I love it…but am waiting in case I find something amazing while I am out looking in the next two weeks:

IMG_7476 2

So there you have it! This week has felt very planning intensive. I have never forced myself to make decisions so quickly and usually I buy and layer over the course of weeks and months. It has been an exciting change and I’d imagine more realistic to helping clients with their spaces. I’m enjoying the pace and deadline to help me make commitments and move forward. Simultaneously fearing that it will all arrive and not quite feel right together in the space.

If you want to see all the other blogs and designers that are in the “One Room Challenge” this spring, check out their website here!!

In other news, the little blue house here in SC is on the market. We had our Broker’s open yesterday and had a lot of interest. We are desperately hoping that someone falls in love with our little house and makes an offer soon. At this point, while we pay for rent and a mortgage, closing that chapter would be a big stress relief for our family.

Looking forward to next week’s check in.


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