2018 Spring ORC Coastal Eclectic Dining Room Makeover


Ashley: We are doing it! We are officially attempting the One Room Challenge! We have both been wanting to do this for some time but could never get our schedules or renovation timing just right. But with Rocky moving into her rental home just a few weeks before the challenge began, we knew it was time!

So we are going to tackle her dining room. Its big and bland, but has the most stunning view you could imagine! Because of that view, we knew we didn’t want to pull the interior in a different direction, but play on the ocean views that you will see when you are dining.

Here is what I am talking about (ignore the terrible door tint that will be peeled off):

before view

This is the view as you sit at the dining table. Fabulous, right?

Its not quite so great when you turn around:before full view

before piano spot

There is a lot of potential in the space though. The floors are a medium tone that goes with pretty much everything. The walls are a neutral color. The chandelier….. well, its not exactly our style…but we can figure out a solution to that. Our biggest hurdle in designing this rental is doing it in a way that respects the Home Owners requests.

So with all this in mind, Rocky was on the hunt for some inspirational photos to get it all moving. She found these from Pinterest:

We were immediately drawn to the deep blues and teals of these banquets. And with an amazing headboard tutorial from Brady Tolbert, construction seemed like it could be doable with limited sewing! So we knew a cushioned banquet was on our must have list.

There is a great spot in the room for a piano, and because of a love for music in her home, it was a must in the room too.


We also thought about a removable wallpaper for the wall. So the search began for the right swatch. We had a lot of options, but an ocean view mural and an abstract wave print topped the list. Rocky also had a black base table with a wood top that she planned to use in the space.

With all this in mind we put together these two mood boards:



Very shortly after these were put together, Rocky ordered samples to finalize the choices.  This is what we have:


Rocky: Hi Everyone! Can I just say that having a partner in crime (or design in this case) is awesome! Since we will both be working on this project we will be adding in our own thoughts about the design process and DIYs. We will just make sure you know who is who as we go 😉

So…the wall paper swatch arrived…and unfortunately seemed like glorified contact paper. At a price of $780.00 for the single wall it was quickly deleted from the scope of the project….but how about those velvet samples 🙂

Once I mapped out the space I threw the layout into AutoCAD and started working through some layout ideas and banquet geometry. Since the banquette is such a critical feature and pretty large (8′ long) I decided to put my wood working skills to the test and go for it. One up side to our rental house is now all of my wood working tools are out of storage and I can start building again #garageperk.

Here is the basic floor plan layout:

ORC Layout

and an Elevation:

ORC Elevation

Our To-Do list is as follows:

  1. Build Custom Banquette that does not attach to wall.
  2. Find modern light fixture – safely remove and store chandelier.
  3. Buy used Piano under $500.00 – Black or a beautiful natural wood.
  4. Restore existing dining table top- This has been in my backyard for the last 2 years since the tiny house did not have a dining room. It is time to breathe some life into this table. In addition, we need to spray the matching bench black and create a custom bench cushion.
  5. Buy Artwork – TBD.
  6. Create faux succulent living wall.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to embark on this project. First, I have wanted to do an ORC for YEARS! Second, it distracts me from the fact that we had to move out of our lovely little home and give up on the dream to build our long term forever house. Third, for the first time in years we will have a dining room and piano back in our home…two things I missed dearly when we downsized into a tiny house. We love making dinner, playing music, visiting with friends and just chilling around the dinner table, so I am hoping this spot will be perfect for all of those things!

Stay tuned – we are going to rock this ORC! Provided I can find my saw under the pile of storage unit rubble ;P Follow along on IG as we go!