DIY or Buy Upholstered Headboard

I have been aching for a simple project. One I could do on my own while at home with the kids. So no power tools, no paint or sanding. I have a lot of projects like that on my list right now!

I was doing online shopping and came across a shibori tapestry that was on clearance. It was all the motivation I needed to finally tackle my headboard. I am slowly refreshing this room, so this seemed like a great project to keep the ball rolling. All it was going to take were some scissors, fabric and my sewing machine. Easy enough.


I rarely use my flat sheets so I was willing to part with an extra white one that has been living in the linen closet. I measured my headboard and cut 3 pieces. One for the front, back and a long edge piece.


Then I started sewing. It took about 25 minutes to get all three pieces sewn together. It was a no brainer!

Before I knew it, I had this:


It needed a bit of softness so I added some polyfill that I had in my stash. I simply wrapped it around the headboard and then put the cover over that. I will probably staple the backside to keep it all the polyfill in place. As usual I can’t find my stapler so that will have to be another time.

Next step was laying my shibori fabric over the headboard.


And that was that. I made my bed as usual and this is what I have. I love it!





  • Shibori Tapestry: $19.99
  • Flat Sheet: Free for me but possibly $10.

So my total cost was around $20.


  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • fabric

Time: 1 hour with styling.

DIY or Buy? 

DIY all the way! This was so easy. I love that it hasn’t altered my headboard in any way so if I change my mind, I can have wood back in 30 seconds. It is also giving me a comfy casual vibe that is always welcome in a bedroom. The versatility of this is great as well.

Even without sewing skills, this is an easy project. So many of us have simple headboards that can be easily modified, so because of that, I highly recommend giving it a try!