Pink, But Not Too Pink Girls Room

I have never been the kind of girl that needs a lot of pink in her life. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pink. I love the occasion pink accessory. In fact, I have a pink pillow on my couch as I sit here and type. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the most feminine, the most girly, the most “PINK” little girl on earth.

After she was born we knew right away that the nursery I designed for her wasn’t going to cut it. It wasn’t very pink. It was very girly. It was a bit more neutral with pops of green and lavender. It had to go.

So began a constant change!

The room has had different phases. It has gone from super girly, to less so, back to glowing pink. Right now we are at a middle ground that I think everyone is happy with.

Just before the current design, the room was all white with grey, black and pink touches. It was that way because my oldest son was sharing with her while the newborn took a nursery to himself. When my oldest “moved” out, it needed to be more feminine again. I honestly hated the all white look. I know it photographs well, but in real life it seemed unfinished. The “primed but never painted” look just isn’t my thing!

I found the most wonderful shade of pinky mauve in the Benjamin Moore mistint pile. I don’t know what the color really is called, but it is totally my daughter! I painted that afternoon.

I decided to leave one wall white and do some sort of treatment, wallpaper, who knows. So I was off deep in the world of Pinterest trying to find some sort of inspiration. I love wallpaper, but lets be honest. I am not one for such a big commitment.

I was drawn to some geometric designs. So many of them were complicated and required a lot of taping. Tape brings permanent lines. If that isn’t commitment I don’t know what is!

Then I found this DIY tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

DIY Wallpaper Tutorial @ Vintage Revivals-1[3].jpg

It looked so easy. I already had a million gold paint sharpies laying around (I don’t know why). I couldn’t wait to get started.

The project took a good day to do, mostly because I have 3 kids. No explanation needed.

After it was all drawn out, it needed a touch more…… girl. So I took some pink, soft blue and lavender paint (which I also had laying around….. whats wrong with me?!?) and filled a few random triangles.



It turned out really cute! It is super feminine but has some of the  geometric touches that I prefer. And once we added all the furniture, it took on a life of its own. My favorite is this dresser I have had since I was little. My parents found it by the side of the road and refinished it. I have never parted with it.


My daughter loves it. Proof of that is the fact that it has remained designed this way for one year! A whole year! Hurrah!



On to the next project.


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