The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? Have you ever been mesmerized by all of the mid century modern beauties scattered all over the town?

If not, you need to go.

Our most recent client had asked for our help in designing a mid century boho gem in his grandmothers former home. He spends a lot of time there, but also sees the potential in the short term rental that this home could provide him.

So with that in mind, we started throwing around design ideas. Rocky went out the see the space. While there she visited places that the homeowner loved and wanted to take inspiration from. One of those places was the iconic Parker Hotel. This hotel is the epitome of mid century boho. It was redesigned by¬†Jonathan Adler in 2004, although the hotel has existed since the 50’s.




Parker Hotel Photo Source

As you can see that this particular hotel is full of life! The colors are explosive and deep. There is texture and depth in every nook. It is stunning on so many levels.

Our client loved the idea of being able to throw yourself down and hang out all weekend. There is a big outdoor space that would also be incorporated in the overall design. He wanted a casual party vibe with pops of color and masculine touches. At the same time, it needed to be rental friendly, in case he decided to go that route with it. So there needed to be lots of seating and sleeping spaces.

So off we went, searching for sofas that could be beds, color, texture and just the right amount of masculinity.

This is what we pulled together: IMG_0260


We liked the idea of having daybeds in the living room. It gives him seating and sleeping space. These two options are so streamlined and clean, it would be a low maintenance option for rentals.


One thing that we saw everywhere were neon signs. They are a really fun addition to the space and would provide vintage and moody lighting in the evenings while entertaining. Once again we chose more of a daybed option here with leather ottomans and textural pillows and rugs.


For some variety we showed him what the space could be with a more traditional sofa. This particular one is very oversized and definitely begs you to hang out awhile! We added mid century artwork, accessories and seating to keep that theme alive.

Although our homeowner hasn’t made the final design choice yet, I couldn’t help but ¬†show you a little sneak peak as to what was happening on this project. This is one that I cannot wait to see come to life!!


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