DIY or BUY Paper Flower Backdrop

A few years ago for a baby shower, my sister in law and I made a couple large paper flower backdrops. It was a large space with a lot of blank walls. We were not allowed to nail or even tape things to the walls. We had to come up with the something that could lean. I had seen really inspiring paper flowers on Pinterest and I felt like we could do some variation of that.

My sister in law found a couple old screen doors at a discount home store for just a few dollars. They were perfect! They were lightweight and easy to attach the flowers to. We made two of these:

IMG_8256 (1)

They were a huge hit and ended up being a photo backdrop before the party was over.

So when my nephew decided to get married, I was asked to make another flower backdrop. This time the venue was even bigger. We were once again not allowed to attach anything to the walls. So I had to come up with an idea to make a freestanding backdrop that could support the flowers. We also weren’t sure where we were putting this wall, so it needed to be versatile.

The colors of the wedding were burgundy, navy and gold. I found a burgundy roll of paper that seemed like a great color match.

Then the cutting began!


I cut petals of all shapes and sizes. I didn’t want an identical flower, but I also wanted some consistency. So I made large petals, medium and small. Because I cut freehanded without a stencil, every time I cut new petals they were slightly different.

petal cut

After a good amount of petals were cut, out came the glue gun!

I started by cutting a small slit at the base of each petal. Then I glued the overlapped sides together to give the petal some shape.


Next I started with the large petals. I glued at least 3 large petals together, sometimes up to 9. It all depended on how large I wanted the flower.


Next I started to add the medium size petals:

medium petals

So this is where your pencil comes in. Sometimes the petals want to stand straight up. So I would take my pencil, or any round object, and spin the paper around it tightly. It causes the paper to curve:


Then the small:

small petals

The center of the flower was where they became a little different. I played around with the petals and did what seemed right for each flower. It was a subtle difference in each flower but made them all unique.

Next I hung the roll of paper on my wall and started glueing on flowers.


I decided to use a freestanding backdrop frame I had made for a different party I had about a year ago. It was a simple PVC pipe and elbow frame. It cost about $15 for the materials. I used a tutorial like THIS.

I didn’t want a white PVC frame, so I pulled out my gold spray paint and voila!

At the setup for the wedding I glued and taped the length of paper to the top PVC pipe and then inserted it into the sides.

And that’s that!

flowers with cake

close flowers


The total cost for this project was very low! I bought the roll of paper for $8. The glue sticks were another $4. Both of which I didn’t use all of. If you need to build a frame, that will cost another $15.

I found many similar things online. Etsy has no lack of paper flowers or backdrops. I didn’t find anything exactly like mine, or as large. I assume you may have to hire someone local to make one and deliver it. I don’t know what that may cost. But if you aren’t afraid of a little glue gun, you could easily buy these flowers on Etsy and attach them yourself. I found these, an order of six are $30:

etsy flowers

So if you have patience and are willing to burn your fingers a bit, I would say this is a DIY.

Another thing I like about DIY is the fact you an customize it for any size or color you need. If you wanted a huge unique backdrop, it could cost ALOT!

On to the next project.


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