A Shared Boys Room Before and After

My boys share a room. My daughter sleeps in there at night with them. Why? I don’t know. All I can say for sure that this is a high traffic room!

That is a real fact because in the four years we have lived in this house, this room has been redone 4 times! That is more than any room in my house. And when I say redone, I really mean it! That is repainting, furniture…all of it!¬†The kids really love this room. I don’t blame them. It is on a corner of the house and has two big windows. It is always bright and sunny, even on our dreary Ohio days. But boy oh boy has it been abused.

I am embarrassed to even show you this picture. Brace yourself.

boys room before.jpg

This was their room after the 3rd refresh. One year into the 3rd refresh to be exact. One day I walked in after a sleepover and knew that this room had to be rushed to the top of my list of projects. When my oldest heard that his room was getting done, again, he had to put in his requests. I expected Star Wars and Minion blankets, but actually he found these pictures on Pinterest and said he wanted a combination of the two. How could I argue with that???

Then we found this bed on Amazon:

boys bed

It was perfect. It was cheap, sturdy and simple. So we bought two!

Next we were on the hunt for a cactus…..something. I found this large tapestry on Society6.cactus-q33-tapestries

It was immediately approved! Yeah! It also conveniently covers a large wall that has a lot of plaster damage from cork squares. That cork would have held that wall upright to time indefinite, hence the damage. We haven’t had a chance to repair it properly so this was a great way to hide it. Perhaps we will fix it on the next go around in this room. Perhaps.

After a fresh coat of soft green paint and some new bedding we were off!

boys room 2

boys room 1

boys room 4

boys room 3

We still have some accessorizing to do and some toy storage to tackle. I won’t show you what those two beds are looking at! But this room is really cute and my boys love it. It is extra special because they helped pick what the end result would be. I loved having my mini designer helpers in this project!

boys room 5


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