DIY or BUY: Tassel Blanket

There is no shortage of amazing bed linens in this world. Sometimes on your daily trip to home goods a blanket will catch your eye. It screams for you to buy it.

So naturally I assume you do what I do. You scrounge up your hooligan children and hide all of the merchandise they have broken or opened. A sense of urgency befalls you because that lady two rows over just saw your long-lost blanket too. It’s impossible that she to is a kindred spirit to this blanket, but you still must run. Even if a child is sacrificed somehow. It will all be worth it in the end.

So when you get to the blanket (let’s be honest, you always get there first) before you look at anything, into the shopping cart it goes. It’s only a few moments later that you notice the cost of this blanket. Say goodbye to the dream of a new blanket.

Has this happened to you? I know it happens to me all of the time. I do have quite a few pieces of bedding. In fact I usually have to push the linen closet door closed with my whole body. God forbid someone opens it. Because of this, I just can’t buy every $150+ blanket that catches my eye.

My next option is a DIY.

I really love textured bedding and tassels. It makes a bed so cozy and inviting, as it should be. So I decided to finally attempt a tasseled blanket for my bed.

side view blankets

In this post I talked about a few inspirations in bedding.

pom blanket

This was one of them. Its perfect. I loved the black tassels with a white blanket. On Black Friday I bought a new windowpane patterned white blanket at Target. It was the perfect candidate for the DIY recreation.

front view

I pulled out my extra thick black yarn and got to making the tassels. This is a great tutorial for making tassels simply with no tools besides scissors, yarn and your good old fingers. My only tip to make a bigger tassel is to open your fingers wider and wrap the yarn around more times. The bigger the yarn, the fluffier the tassel. I wanted something between a pom-pom and tassel. That is what I got!

I wrapped the yarn around my fingers 31 times to be exact. I also trimmed them to the same length to make their size uniform. I made 16 tassels for a queen size blanket.

My other concern for this blanket was washability. I wasn’t sure how well my handmade tassels would launder. With 3 kids, a dog and a husband in construction, things can get dirty! Especially white blankets! So I opted to attach my tassels with safety pins so I could get them on and off easily. It worked great. The safety pins don’t show and they come off quick.¬†closeup tassel

full view tassel

I got this blanket at Target for $20. I have had this yarn from Joann Fabrics in my stash for a long time and I don’t remember the cost. I will estimate about $6. I didn’t use a whole skein. The safety pins were something I had on hand too.

side table low view

side with bath

I made 2 extra tassels with the leftover skein and added them to my DIY mud cloth pillow. It added just a bit of fun to the pillow.

up view

So for a grand total of $26 dollars I have a new on trend blanket. It is easily modified if I get tired of or destroy the tassels, which is always a good option to have. The tassels could also be used elsewhere if I felt they could live a better life somewhere else in my house.

So DIY or BUY??

100% DIY!

This was a very easy project that took an afternoon to complete. It was inexpensive and easily customized for whatever color scheme or setting it needs to be in. This could also be done with items you have around the house, if you have stashes of fabric and yarn like me. So potentially this could cost nothing at all!!

So in my opinion, if you can’t bear to spend a lot on a blanket, find a simple one and modify! You won’t be disappointed.

full view cover

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  1. I love your update with the tassels. Tassels and Pom Poms….so great on curtains, bedding, throws, pillows, just love the look. Thank you for sharing your great idea!

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