Simple Decor Changes That Make A Big Difference

Recently I have not even been able to step foot in my living room. Everything about it was making my stomach hurt. It felt like a mismatched collection of pieces from garage sales and free piles. Not really the look I am EVER going for. I know the room really isn’t that bad, but I was so sick of ALL of it. It needed an overhaul for my own mental health!¬†


I knew I had to do something but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I considered getting new sofas. But that requires a lot of work getting them cleaned up and trying to sell. Which if you read this article, you know I am no stranger to. I also started to shop around and I felt like all the pieces I would be interested in were just variations of what I already had.

So because of all of that, I opted to keep the mid century set that I have had for about 4 years now. I suppose they will die in our home at the hands of my children. Sorry little couches.

But for now they clean up good, don’t have any stains, and give me clean lines. All a big plus!

So if we are keeping those, then what about a new rug? New chairs? Side tables? Artwork? So many options! So exciting!

I have several obstacles in this living room. For one thing it is long. At one end is a very dominant fireplace that according to Courtney must stay. It is very masculine and gives off a cold castle vibe. It matches the exterior stone on our house, so it is really unique and good quality. We also have a 9 1/2 foot window that faces the street. It is off centered and provides the neighborhood free cable every night. As long as they like what we are watching! I would like to put the tv above the fireplace, but it just doesn’t work. The concrete mantle is placed high (I hate high tv’s) and the length of the room makes it awkward to see the tv because of how you would have to place the furniture. So all I felt I could do at the moment was restyle the mantle with a blend of old and new accessories.


With all of that in mind and knowing I was keeping the sofas and current spot of the tv, I decided to look around for a new rug. I ended up finding a good deal on a bulk lot of new shag rugs, 6 to be exact. I got the whole lot for $100 at a local auction. I was super pumped! The only downside was they are 5×7 which is way to small. Because these particular rugs have such a thick pile I thought I could give piecing them together a try. All it took was a bit of duct tape and voila! If I didn’t have 3 kids running laps through this room I wouldn’t have even had to use tape.


Can you see the seam?? I sure can’t. Hurrah!


So now with a big neutral rug, it opened up the possibility of patterns and colors that wouldn’t have worked with the previous 100 year old dominantly blue turkish rug. So I pulled pillows from around the house and ones I had stored. I bought a new black and white buffalo plaid throw at target, added the “new” old pillows and it was on its way to being a new room.



I checked that same auction house out of curiosity and found two chairs that I had been eyeing at target. They were perfect. Low, mid century, wood bases with neutral fabric. To my disbelief I ended up getting them at a fraction of the cost through the auction, only $50. Another huge score!




I then went around my house and picked a few different pieces of artwork and accessories. After they were placed just so the room felt 100% different. And the total cost of this transformation was about $150.


So with a little rearranging, playing around with textiles I already had and adding a couple new key pieces the room seemed brand new even though 75% of it wasn’t! And I feel soooo much better!


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