Warming Up The Place

Every year in Ohio when fall is ending I start finding ways of making our house feel warmer. Sometimes that means sealing up leaky doors, pulling out space heaters or just visually making it warmer with textiles.I have already done the boring grown up things like making sure windows are sealed tight and furnace filters are new. So now it is time for the fun part- decorating! In the living room I got out my wool blankets (that can’t be touched in the summer months) and draped them along the back of the sofa. I hung velvet curtains on almost every window. I am layering rugs and getting my candles ready. I know candles don’t really make it warmer, but it sure does make it cozy!

My favorite new thing so far is the dark green velvet curtains I bought at Ikea this season. I have been crushing on these for a while and now that my bathroom committed to a dark green paint it seemed like I just HAD to buy these!


I still have plans to repaint my bedroom and add some trim behind my bed, but this is a start. The green transformed the room into a cozy, deep space that is hard to leave in the morning. So the obvious next step was new bedding because who keeps bedding longer than one season???

*skips to homegoods*

I found the most luscious dark grey striped flannel bedding. It is the heaviest flannel that I have ever seen and a brand from Germany that I have never heard of. It actually might be to hot and heavy, even for our cold winter nights. Only time will tell.


I am still on the hunt for a wool type coverlet or blanket for the bottom of my bed. Preferably with big pom poms or tassels, because c’mon. Something like this one I happened to come across on amazon:

pom blanket

$130? Lets be real for a minute. No. Perhaps a good DIY or Buy?

Now that this post has evolved into completely talking about my bedroom, really the next big step is finally choosing a bedroom color. I keeping going back and forth with color, as usual. I was just watching a House Hunters International on HGTV in Paris. The places were amazing and white and full of trim. But is white to boring? Will I really be happy with its modern vibe, or will it feel like a room I forgot to paint after priming? Any thoughts or deep insights would be greatly appreciated at this point!

So as I continue on with the “winterizing” of our home I hope to be able to come across something that inspires me so much and completes my home so perfectly that all of my projects can be finished without hesitation. All of my doubts will be dispelled. All my days of decorating will be over……. (ha)


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