Backyard Paradise Moodboard

Our most recent client wanted a bright and tropical backyard, but wasn’t sure what to do. Rocky and I went over to discuss her wish list and take measurements. She and her husband had made major progress on the backyard already. They installed an amazing pool and built in seating that looked like it was straight from Greece. They had a HUGE outdoor kitchen with fourteen feet of counter space done. It is halfway to being a tropical paradise for sure!

Her wish list was this:

  • Neutral base of furniture and tables
  • Bright colors that were easily changed
  • Lots of edible plants. Her family loves gardening and having their property provide food!
  • Tropical plants
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Table large enough for family and friends
  • Seating around the outdoor kitchen
  • Seating near the pool to keep an eye on the kids
  • Outdoor storage
  • A hanging place for towels
  • Outdoor shower

All of this was completely doable considering the size and shape of her property! We decided to take a lot of photos and measurements and we were off!

Our first step was drawing out the space and seeing what we could actually fit. We also wanted to do a high and low cost option for her. That way she could choose exactly what pieces she liked and decide for herself what pieces, if any, that she would be willing to spend more money on.

With her wish list in mind, we went shopping! Best day ever!

This is the full CAD design of her yard we proposed. It is full of tropical plants, seating and lighting: soffi mood cadHere is a breakdown of some high/low options we provided:

soffi chairssoffi rugssoffi dining chairs

With all of this approved by the homeowners, we then went on to create a moodboard of their space. We incorporated some of their actual backyard pictures so they could really see the space come to life. We also mixed in the expensive and cheaper options in all of these boards.

soffi real front

soffi background side

high low mb

soffi preference mb

In addition to the moodboards we provided a product list with website link and cost. Making it as simple as a click of the mouse to jump over and purchase spec’d out items.

Rocky and I love putting together moodboards. We have been doing it for ourselves for years, but his was the first time we took on one together as “Relative Renovations”. This one was especially unique because although we were together to spec it out and take photos, all of the rest of the work was done remotely from opposite sides of the U.S! We hope e-moodboards can be something we do on a regular basis together. Keep your eye out for more to come!!

We hope you love what we did!

Ashley and Rocky

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