DIY or Buy – Himmeli faux Wreath

It is time for another DIY or BUY! If you read my front gate reveal post earlier this week than you saw that I DIY’d a Himmeli wreath to hang on it.

DSC09337 resized

I have always been pretty obsessed with geometric shapes…so a few years ago when I saw a bunch of different people creating Himmeli hanging planters, wreaths and decor pieces I knew I wanted to try one.

My girl Mandi at Vintage revivals put together some amazing tutorials a while back. So when I decided that a wreath would be a cool addition to my front gate I looked up the Himmeli tutorial she posted here and watched this great You tube video she posted.

Isn’t her styling off the hook?!?! Black wall.Check. White wreath. Check. Exposed light bulb with effortlessly knotted chord. Check. I fell for the wreath as soon as I saw this photo…I am weird…it’s okay…that is why I blog about it for people who care…instead of torturing my family with pictures of wreath’s made of straws…hahaha.

Check out more amazing Tutorials at

Here are a few of my personal progress shots,

Materials – Total Cost-$8.97

I followed the tutorial linked above and within 30 min had about half the wreath assembled.

Progress photo
Wreath Progress

The total assembled wreath came out to about 19″ at it’s widest. I used 4.5″ long straws. If you were to use 3″ long straws you would end up with roughly a 12″ wreath.

Full Wreath 19

Then I put about 3 different fine mist coast of spray paint on this wreath so that it matched my copper hardware. Beware of over-spray on the straws…I found that it very quickly turns into paint droplets running down the straws and puddling.

Copper Himmeli Wreath


Buy: The closest I could find on Etsy was a copper pipe kit you had to still assemble yourself. Or a straw kit that was smaller and also needed assembly:

Etsy Option

12″ Black Straw:

straw wreath


  • You can buy it pre-cut, with jewlery wire required
  • No mess or planning required
  • If you are willing to spend the extra money on the copper pipes it will last forever


  • You still have to spend the time learning how to create the shapes and building it yourself (approx 1 hour investment)



I already had 30 gage jewelry wire at home. So I grabbed a pack of straws and some copper spray paint from Michaels. Total Cost for me (since I am a craft supply hoarder)

-Straws – 0.99cents Target – I would advise to look for cocktail straws. I used normal drinking straws and they are not as sturdy as I would have hoped. It was an oversight on my part, try to remember-Cocktail straws.

-Copper Spray Paint – 3.99 – from Michaels. Used another 40 or 50% off coupon.

Total – $4.98

If you had to buy the wire – roughly $8.00


  • You get to keep any extra materials. Approximately $16-18 dollars less than the kit on Etsy (this doesn’t consider shipping costs)
  • No wait time to get your craft on


  • Cutting the straws is a pain – even if you use the Rotary cutter method Mandi describes in her tutorial
  • No extra mess to clean up.
  • Takes 2 hours to assemble the wreath when you have to cut everything.


So My final verdict would be to BUY the kit if you only want one wreath and do not have a lot of time to spend cutting 100+ straws. If you enjoy crafting, have some of the supplies at home and don’t mind the extra time spent setting the project up DIY.

As a secondary note- If you want a true copper or brass wreath I would also BUY the kit. Cutting metal pipes is difficult and time consuming…plus the metal shards on your hand and skin are annoying.


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