Small Outdoor Changes

Have I mentioned yet that my little house here in California sits on top of a hill? Probably not, it may seem like a small detail until you carry up two children and loads of groceries. Between my husband and Amazon fresh we are managing ;P

Although he recently had knee surgery and all the pack mule duties have fallen on my shoulders. I literally hold my breath every time he hobbles down the hill…treacherous doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this picture!


Why does any of this matter you may wonder…well as you can see from the shot below, it is a long way down from the house to the street. I also have a thing for front gates as I mentioned in this post.

3-Front Gate
Exterior View from the street

This is what it looks like as you get closer, our front door is past the gate to the left. It always left me a bit unsettled that someone can walk up to our front door and no longer can be seen from the street. Additionally, with a 1.5 and 5 year old who love to play outside it always stressed me out worrying that they would charge through the front door and fall down the hill. After a few months of throwing ideas back and forth I convinced Andy that we should put a new gate right here:


I have a thing for horizontal exterior fences and I also like the way it mimics the pattern of the brick planter.

4-Front Gate

Now when you walk out our front door you have this barricade preventing any small kiddos from charging down a hill towards the street. Not to mention it creates a “secret garden” feel when you walk through the ficus trees and hydrangea.

1-Front Gate

For the sake of time we hired a local handyman to build the gate while we were away for a weekend. It was AH-mazing coming home to the finished product…well almost finished. We still need to paint, add hardware and clean up this little front area. It took about 2 months until I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and broke out our matte black exterior paint to finish it up during weekend nap time.


I thought about staining it and putting a poly finish on…but then I decided I had the black paint on hand, it was consistent with the rest of the back yard and my future hardware would really pop against the black.



Here is a fun stop motion video of the progress:


Stay tuned for the DIY handle I am working on…it won’t disappoint 🙂


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